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I Have Decided
Don Potter
Monday, January 17, 2011
In this classic video from MorningStar Ministries, Don Potter leads a powerful and exciting time of worship with his original song, "I Have Decided", proclaiming that victory is the Lord's!

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jeff litwiller

have loved this worship for a long time. seems to crank us up more now than before. its needed now more than ever. keep in coming God, give Don and Christine MORE!


its really strengthens/ thank you and be blessed In Jesus' name.

"I have decided"

Thank your for showing the video of Don Potter. I purchased this CD (Warfare) in Toronto CA a few years ago and have been tremendously blessed.

Don Potter

This is 'eternal'...timeless in its purpose, powered by The Spirit of God!! Dated only by the outfits...but hey..we all have those family pics : } Thanks for posting...wish we could see and hear more from Don and Christine...

Don Potter

Love this timeless gem! I'm looking Don up on You Tube and hoping to use him with home worship. Thanks for showing him to us here in Alaska, Morning Star!

I have dicided...

I like the song and the singing ,playing,dancing freely very much ..Thank you very much .. what a worship! John 4:23-24... I hope someone can give me the sheet and the chord of the song... Victory

real Warefare

Great Stuff!! :-) We love Don Potter over here in Germany very much! He should come for a concert!! You are WELCOME :-) :-) :-)

We remember

Ginger and I remember well the powerful anointings on the 'Worship and Warfare' conferences in the Spring and Fall of each year. The fruit of the impartations by the Holy Spirit remain with us and will endure.

Don Potter

I remember these so well! We use to attend the conferences in Jacksonville, FL and remember them like it was yesterday! Great times of revelation and new realms of glory for my husband and me!

I have decided

I bought this ,with the other albums from this conference when it was released in new zealand , and I still have them and still play them , what powerful anointed worship , that still is today , that is not your normal worship, it is wonderful heavenly Spirit filled worship. Bless you Nico

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