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The Muslim Brotherhood and the Uprising in Cairo Egypt
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. (Jerry) Boykin
Monday, February 7, 2011

Taken from a recent Sunday morning service at MorningStar Fellowship Church, General Boykin draws attention to the situation in Egypt, bringing light to the events behind the current upheaval, and illustrating shocking truths about the Muslim brotherhood that are not being covered in the news media.

Click HERE to purchase media from this service.

You can see the full message HERE. This service includes worship, the message starts at 1:18:00.

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The Generals withdrawl from a WP speaking engagement

I find his withdrawl very disappointing. As a Delta Force member the General is a real fighter. For him amd WP to roll over to organizations like CAIR is an affront to the entire citizenry of this country. CAIRs mission seeks to overthrow our constitution and implement sharia law - an anathema to our population. This capitulation is nothing more than an aid of this change process. Why would we want to do this? In my mind CAIR s/b outlawed and ran out of the country. Sharia law is a terrible thing to implement on our population.

Contacting Gen Boykin

Please pass my email address to Gen Boykin. I would love to have him on my radio program. My email address is My show can be found at Thank you

uprising in Egypt

Thank you I would like to hear from more from LT. WG Bogkin. It is great to hear from somone you feel has a true grip of what is going on.

Thank you

Thank you for the update.

up raising in egypt

I would like to thank you for the message what is and was behind the up raising in Egypt. I knew deep down there was more to it than what the news and papers have been saying. again thank you.

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