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Shariah Law and the Constitution
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. (Jerry) Boykin
Friday, September 24, 2010

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin discusses how Islamic Shariah Law is in basic conflict with the Constitution of the United States. This effort to implement Shariah Law in the United States is in basic conflict with the foundations our nation was built upon and represents a serious threat to which we must respond. Find out more about The Oak Initiative at

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Hope Beyond Hell

I am a Boykin and was born in Georgetown, S.C.. When I read about Shariah Law and the Constitution, I am concerned about the loss of our freedoms, because I know they are based on the Scripture. I am equally concerned about the distortions in the translation of the Bible, especially when it comes to the meaning and the purpose of Hell. I am so blessed to have found a book, which clears up the legalism and the misrepresentation of God's love and plan for our lives. If you would like to get a download of Hope Beyond Hell, please go to It is 256 pages of pure joy and celebration of that the true word of God teaches about Hell and eternal punishment of the wicked. Read it a weep with the many who have discovered the true Word of God!


I for one, know what the LORD asks of me, and that is to be a "SHEEPDOG" for the flock of the "GOOD-SHEPHERD". Folks, we are in a Spiritual-War with evil (Satan & his followers) & we have to FIGHT back with prayer & with information. If that fails (Prayer NEVER Fails) then, WE have to put on our breast-plates & grab our pitchforks & be ready to SACRIFICE ourselves for GOD'S cause. NO ONE has EVER won being on the defensive all the time. They may have the military (Most are out of the country & they will keep them out for their AGENDA), police, minorities, gangs, CPUSA, & political interest BUT, "If GOD is on OUR side, who can be against us ? Go to : Act for America (Brigette Gabriel) to find out more on Sharia... BEST darn source that I know of..!!! The LORDS "SHEEPDOG"

I back "Jerry" 1000%

This is the type of president we should be looking for. It is this veteran's humble opinion that this country is in dire need of a man with his type of loyalty, patriotism, and values. Until I see a candidate such as this, I'll save my vote.

Divided nation

It is very disheartening to know that our country has been divided to the point, where Christians (or any other religious group) feels the need to band together to ensure survival in America. The intent and the very meaning of the First Amendment should guarantee that this action should not be needed. Having said that, I do believe that Christian groups are now under attack by our current administration. The recent assault on the Catholic Church's hospitals is a very good example. The left would have you believe that the issue was strictly about woman's rights. That is very far from the truth. The real issue was the policy of a private organization, which in this case was based on their fundamental beliefs. The church as a private entity has a right to make their own policies. Employees have an option to choose to work for that organization, or not. Our government stepped in, and forced a private organization to change its policy which had a direct effect on their religious beliefs. Now you may not agree with the Catholic Church’s position, but that is irrelevant. If I was the leader of the HR department in the church, I would give every employee two options. 1) Stay on their current health plan with whatever company contributions are given, etc. 2) Take the information available to contact the healthcare insurance carrier to purchase their own healthcare coverage. This is a slippery slope. If at any time our government begins to repeal rights that can only be given by God, then it is surely a slippery slope. When my neighbor loses a right, so do I. Never let them make you believe that it doesn't affect you. It affects us all. Remember this poem, and see into the deep meaning of it. It was used to convey a message after the Holocaust, but is really about rights in general. "In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up." -- by Martin Niemöller, prominent German anti-Nazi theologian and Lutheran pastor, best known as the author of the poem First they came.... God Bless America, Mike Luciano

LT. Gen Boykin

Thank You Sir For Your Dedication to The Purity of Our Precious Constitution, although Our Bible says in the Ten Commandments "Shall Shalt Not Kill" There comes a Time when Evil must be Fought. It is past Time for us to Pick up the sword and cleanse America of Evil... Domestic and Foreign. We need Leaders to guide us thru the existing Legal system to Fight this great Hoard until we can by no other means Win But with Force. Sir, Will you take up the sword? Will you join the ranks of others that are Exposing the Authors of our Great Nations Destruction?

Protecting Our Constitution

I am a VIETNAM era veteran who served our country and remain dedicated to the country I served. Being a member of Gen. Rosin's original LLRP battalian who jumped in France, Italy, and stationed in Incerlik and Diabukkur, Turkey. Having seen first hand the Muslim at of life, I felt a lot of pride in what our country stood for on the '50's and '60's. Today it seems as though our country has lost it's sense of courage and I feel it is slipping away. I am 75 years old and knowing my future is limited in years I pray to God Almighty that we as the Great Nation we were can turn around this cancer that is trying to take hold. It is destroying our freedoms we have long taken for granted. We have become a passive society. It is no longer what you do that exposes who you are but just what you say. Leg us join together and regain the word respect we once enjoyed. I WILL BE ON THE FRONT LINE TO DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION. GOD BLESS AMERICA and GO AIRBORNE!

A change that is coming

Dear Chabob, You are so on target but unfortunately many people under 60 no longer will fight the good fight. They want to be fed by the hand that will destroy this country. The present administration, or should I say junta, is out to destroy this country and all we have stood for. I have seen even vets that still believe that Obama is a great president. They are the ones that will believe Obama when he changes the law that will allow him to run for a 3rd and 4th term because he needs more time to correct what he inherited. It is never his fault. Was it Sadam Hussein or Kadafy that said they don't have to fight the U.S. because they will have a Muslim in the white house within 20 years. It has only taken 12 years or so. At the rate we are allowing new Demoncrats into the country we will have no prayer to change the direction this country is going. God has a plan but their is also free will and there are enough sheep and idiots in this country that will follow this Pied Piper. May God have mercy on our souls and our children's soul.

Thou Shalt not Kill

The Ten Commandments, as initially translated, actually says "Thou Shalt not Murder". It has been misquoted in the later English translations. Those of us who have been in situations where as part of our sworn duty we have taken a life for society should be clear on this, if sanity is to be kept after the immediacy of battle. Please check with a preacher who is well versed in the original versions of our Christian Bible to confirm this. I wrestled with the "Shall not kill" ideology after taking life in battle, before a fantastic Baptist Chaplain explained the history and translation confusion. Taking a life is terrible and not to be taken lightly, but as warriors, we must understand this, and come to grips with our duty and the implications as Christians before being in the situation of battle and possible taking of another human's life. Sharia is a tool to kill those of us who refuse to acquiesce to Islam. Make yourself right with God and his Son, Jesus, before the inevitable war with Islam.

Marxism in America

Lt. Gen. (Ret) W.G. Boykin does an excellent job in exposing Obama's real intentions. Obama is a believer in the Marxist Saul Alinsky. Today Obama even talks like there is class warfare something an avowed communist would believe in.


Please explain to me how we let such a small group of people in this world cause so much havoc They are such a small minority and so easily identifiable that we should have no problem taking care of this problem. I don't mean to seem radical but we have put up with this crap for many years, i'm not really sure when this all started, But we should be able to easily put a stop to this. I'm not sure what the best method is.Our politicians need to quit pussyfooting around and stop trying to get rich on our backs. Because if this crap doesn't stop they wont have a country to spend their money in anyway.I think we need to clean house in the current administration and start over with some people that have the balls to stand up for this country the way it should be done and for that we will all be richer.

Truth and Reality

Thank you General for your videos...more of the truth and reality that America will not wake up to...It is sad...I appreicate your videos and look forward to some more..

the truth

I beleive we should not allow Shariah law to take affect in USA; we should not however tyr to convert all the worlds Muslims to Christianity, that would be akin to telling an obese person that their obesity will kill them, and telling them that everyday, many times a day...they will change if they want to. Blessed are the Peace Keepers, for they shall be called the sons (and daughters) of God. USN (Ret.)

36 years of living his OATH and continuing to ....

I am so truly grateful to the people involved . This is a small step but so needed and appreciated. I would LOVE to shake this man's hand or even be in his presence . I know there is a GOD because he has enabled us to have people of his caliber to speak for him. PLEASE continue to inform "We the People" to your best ability and PLEASE know there are others like us (Hopefully enough) to overcome this insanity. We NEED to continue what you are doing and expose the truth. Due to my Multiple Sclerosis I can not emphasize how much "WE", "I" need you and your knowledge. Keep the FAITH and never waiver. Ever forward, NEVER back, ALWAYS Faithful ! GOD BLESS US ALL!!!!!!! God Speed Gentlemen Thank You !!!!!!

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. "Jerry" Boykin is right

I believe that Christian all over the world should wake-up and take our stand by being united. I'm from a country that have try very hard to enforce the Sharia Law but uptill now still in vain. Their strategy is to use political platform to penetrate in the school especially the kinder garden/ children playschool to learn about Islam. I hope the USA will start the ball rolling by uniting all the denominational churches throughout the USA and spread it wing to rest of the globe. Because by being unite like this we can more focus in spreading the gospel as in Mat28:19-20. By doing so we can have more genuine love that the basic and foremost ground of our Lord teaching by love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Our nation has turned away from God

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. "Jerry" Boykin is right; Shariah Law is in basic conflict with the Constitution of the United States, and our nation has turned away from God. "In God We Trust" no longer applies. As Christians it is our obligation to reflect Christ in all we do and say, without trusting in God, we have removed the very foundation of what this nation was built on. Let’s reclaim it. I ask the question, I take this "I am a soldier in God's army" personal and seriously, I believe what it says. If we are Christian's, we ARE in HIS Army, we SHOULD be aware of the people around us, aware of those who may be lost, aware of those who need help of some kind, aware of what Satan is trying to do. Satan is getting away with a lot of his dirty work, simply because we Christian's, who are in the Lord's army, are letting him get away with it. Fellow Christian's if we don't wake up, If we don't become aware, If we don't join in the battle against Satan, he's going to take over our, not only country, but our world. I can assure you that he never misses a chance, never misses a situation to claim one of our own into his army and folks he's gaining more and more every day. He will not win the war, but folk's with every battle he wins, Jesus and we who serve HIM are losing Soul's to Satan. Winning those Soul's for Jesus is OUR responsibility, for WE are missionary's for HIM, It is up to us to spread The Word about Jesus and to win those Soul’s for HIM. I ask you, to please think about this, to come and join in the fight against Satan. Talk to those you come in contact with, you would be surprised at how many lost souls you come in contact with in a week’s time. If we could just talk to one-two-three- four-five of these people and a tenth of them accepted the Lord as their personal Savior, can you imagine how many that would be in a year’s time, If Christians all over the world would do that? If you’re talking with someone that you think may be lost, say, "Let me ask you a question, if you died right this very minute, where would you go, Heaven or Hell?" and you will be surprised at how that question will make them think. You and God are the only ones who truly know the answer. If they can't answer with Heaven as the answer, then ask them if you can read them something from the Bible, If they agree, take them through the "Roman Road to Salvation" and you know what? Lot's and lots of them will accept Jesus as their Savior, before they go their way. Think about trying this, what have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing! And it might help someone come to the Lord. Yeah, I know. I kind of went off on a tangent didn't I? Well, I'm not apologizing; I'm praying that some of you might be moved enough, to really get involved in the Lord's Army, start trying to win a soul to Christ. Let's shoot for July 15th 2012 for every christain soldier to save 12 lost people, then let's see if we have taken back the land. You might be surprised at how easy it sometime is and OHHHHHH WHAT A FEELING, when someone you've worked with accepts salvation. Pray for God to help you with it. Let's try it, what do you say? Ya'll please remember those on our Prayer List’s; pray for each other, most of all Pray for the Lost. Lord willing, may God bless each of you, as only HE knows you need to be blessed.

Shariah law

Ignorance of the threat of the true meaning of "Shariah" will be the death knel of this great country before the end of the nexct couple of decades. It's already infiltrated many countries of the world and taken complete control. Too many additional countries like France are already seeing the impact in the concentration of Muslims who have taken over complete neighborhoods where police and government authorities are not permitted to enter. Wake up America before it is too late. The hand writing is on the wall - NOW IS THE TIME TO STOP THIS DISASTER! Send this video to your congressman and demand that this silent takeover of our country be stopped NOW. Force our government to prevent any and all changes in our laws that would give preference to Islamic law. It already has begun in our schools, on the job and in many of our communities where the islamic religion has been given preferential treatment to the detriment of other religions. REMEMBER Islam is not just a religion - it is a law unto itself. GOD HELP AND PROTECT US.

The world wirhin

We are witnessing a corrupt regime though and through. The new freshman in Congress and Senate who have been put in place is a start. Now it is time to take the socialists to task by casting them out through exposure. They are the infidels. By pressing foward with a new agenda and destroying the socialist fabric as not acceptable or tolerated for any reason we will prevail our freedoms. Any and all available people must educate others on the importance of denouncing intrusions upon our soil without legal aurhority. It is the most important part to shut down borders and hunt down the instigators. Eric Holder must be thrown out of office forth with through legal means. We will then go after the president himself by having his own party ask for his resignation. Once these have been toppeled we will fight the good fight by rousting all sociallists as not having a part in our quest to return to freedom from Government intrusions.The will of the American people to think as a free man must be at the inherant heart of our quest against these socialists. We must train our fighting proud military to go after new targets based on destroying these terrorists will to fight. This can be done throogh education and military might.

Shariah Law

Thank you for your wise advise. How can I help? God Bless, Deidre

This is quite true the

This is quite true the American people are not cognizant of the threat that we face if me do not stop the advance of the Muslim ideology in the usa.


Lesson #1 This is America and we will not take a back seat to anyone. This country was founded under God and the men who were Christians. I do not like Shariah Law and I follow the Constitution which guilds our country. We have alot of bad people in our government who dislikes America and it is up to us to make sure they never get elected again. If you do not like my country and I will say my country because I to signed a blank check for 24 years of my life to protect you and the United States of America you can just leave and live some place else if you do not like America and see how you are taken care of.

knights awake

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -Edmund Burke


Lt. Gen. Boykin: It is time to make your videos, and those of Oak Initiative the equivalent to "An Inconvenient Truth." We must stop the Islamization of America as it is not a religion and should not have the protection of the US Constitution.

I agree

I agree with everything that is being said. I know the first thing is to educate ourselves on these points and the infiltration into our government by influential personalities that are picking away our Constitutional rights... but then what.. Seems most politicians arent willing to standup for what is right.. instead they are too worried about hurting peoples feelings and getting re elected.. we need someone to represent the founding principals of our Nation.. and do away with political correctness (PC). PC is raping our rights and desenitizing our nation making it even more vulnerable to attack. Again, I am glad to see LTG B making a stand and trying to do his part.. you can include me in his ranks.

Shariah Law

Thank you sir for speaking out on this subject. Yes, we in America MUST learn about Shariah Law and stop this cancer before it sreads. Thank you again.

Muslim Take over


more than one thing we can do

response to concerned: There is more than just "one thing we can do." That quote you gave from John refers to the AFTERLIFE, not here on earth. Jesus did not say, forfeit your life for no reason whatsoever. Just sit there and let them hack you apart till you're dead. Islam does not have the commandment, "Do not kill." Anger is justified; canon law states that we have the right to defend ourselves. Fighting evil (Islamization of America) is our right as a Nation formed under God, not under Allah. Our God is merciful and loving. Allah is not. Mohammad's teaching are against everything our country stands for, and for which we have a right to protect this country. Sharia is a sick perversion and has no place in the USA. Sharia is a political law system that is not a religion. Anyone who doesn't trust what is being said in this video is extremely naive. I love this country; and to prevent the horrors of Sharia (and Marxism) for staining our soil, I will fight to protect her.


It sounds like you would make a good president! I didn't think there were any men out there that was interested in what's happening in America. And how far down the tubes we are. Thank you for fighting the good fight, for standing for freedom and just having common sense.

Lt. Gen.(Ret.) W. G.Boykin 9/24/10

As a female who has lived in Riyadh, KSA for 6 years with husband and children, I want to express my thanks for this video. It is filled with knowledge and truth about Islam. Every American citizen needs to listen and learn. Lt.Gen.Boykin is speaking facts. Public beheadings, hands cut off, stonings, complete and oppressive control of women, forced worship are some of the horrors of Sharia Law. We must not bury our heads and ignore this. Our freedom, the constitution, and way of life must be preserved. Islam's objective is not to assimilate to USA society and beliefs. Islma's purpose is to destroy the non-Islamic people, the American government and replace it with Sharia Law. Open your eyes America!

How to find peace

Despite these compelling arguments, there is only one thing we can do. Know the truth. "If you continue in my Word, then you are my disciples indeed, and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." Jesus, John 8:31-32. Only the truth in Jesus can give you peace.

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