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Welcome to MorningStar University Online!

   If you are committed to a life of high impact and adventure, you have come to the right place. There is no greater adventure than the true Christian life, and that is our quest—the true Christian life. You will be constantly challenged at MSU to go deeper in the Word and higher in the Spirit. MSU has the flexibility to let you go at your own pace and design an experience around your calling and needs.

   Use the sign-up link below to access our FREE sample course called “Walking in the Spirit.” This will give you a taste of the video quality and depth of teaching offered at MSU. We genuinely hope this sample course enriches your spiritual walk. Stay posted on for the launching of the online program!

MSU Online Courses

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Walking in the Spirit Through this course you will hear from leaders in the Body of Christ who release current wisdom for walking in the Spirit during this age.  You will learn keys to operating in revival... Read More Student Access Free Click Here to Sign-up
Coming Soon Coming Soon! NEW MSU Online Courses for 2014!
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