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The Basics of Shariah Law
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. (Jerry) Boykin
Friday, September 24, 2010
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin encourages Americans to become better informed about Islam and Shariah law and discusses the basic conflicts between Shariah law and the US Constitution.

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Stop destruction of our founders' original intent & constitution

Stop destruction of our founders' original intent & constitution. I am a political science undergraduate student at the University of Oregon and want to know more to write my final few classes' papers in opposition to Shariah law and Islam destructive effect to the United States.


This country needs men like Lt. Gen. Boykin running for congress and the Presidency. Men who care about this country and the true welfare of it's people and not their own political careers and egos. How about 2012?

Shariah law to my

Shariah law to my understanding has two parts - -- - one is political and the other religious - - it is the religious one that TRUMPS!!! I just heard that some of their Shariah law HAS ALREADY been passed by the 'powers that be' in the White House. Gen. do you know anything about this. I had heard also that the Muslims were recently going to have a demonstration, but decided not to at this point and time. Thanks for doing what you are doing, May our HEAVENLY Father/God/Lord Jesus Christ bless you. And IF we 'so called' Christians would 'humble ourselves, turn from OUR wicked ways, and pray, THEN HE - God Almighty - would heal our land"!

We need to stop buying oil from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia follows Shariah Law. The Saudi government conveniently looks the other way when Saudi Citizens and Saudi charities give vast sums of money to terrorist groups including Al-Qaeda. They have known about this for more than ten years, and they have done nothing. Kuwaitis and Iranians have been doing the same sort of thing. We Americans give staggering sums of our money to the Saudis; and the Saudis pass that money along to terrorists who have already killed thousands of our citizens; and who continue trying to kill us on a regular basis. Not sure about this next part, but I believe that if I give money to another nation that uses part of my money to systematically kill -or try to kill- the citizens of my nation, that is called treason. But whether is is called treason or not, we need to stop buying our energy from people who want to kill us (or who at least support people who want to kill us). There is another (better) way to get enough energy to replace that arab (muslim) oil. See


i spent 3 years in Iran in 1943. The Shah was pro American and that was good for us, we thought. I had many opportunities to view how the citizens of Iran lived and existed under the Shah's rule. Their culture was very different to this 19 year old. Later years, after the Shah was no longer in power, the people revolted and very great changes took place. I was home by 1946 and happy to be in a culture I was familiar with. 65 years later, my country has radically changed because of apathy, not caring by our citizens, welfare programs that made us lazy, and not aware of a small group of elected officials and foreigners who were not happy with what the USA stood for and wanted changes. It is now that we are being guided into policies and laws that are trying to destroy America in many different ways. Most important to our survival is to WAKE UP AMERICAN CITIZENS to understand what an ILLEGAL ADMINISTRATION we have making these laws and policies, designed to destroy us. Are we still going to be disinterested in trying to make CHANGES OF OUR OWN to make our USA respected in the WORLD and in our HOMELAND? I don't believe that we want to leave our COUNTRY in such a messy condition for our children and their families when we leave this WORLD.........DO YOU?


Thank you for your realistic and honest approach to this terrible threat to America. I lived in Kuwait in the early 80s and was told by Palestinians that they were having babies to create an ARMY. They were right.. I came back to America and tried to tell people, but they blew me off.. and told me I was paranoid.. didn't understand.. I did understand.. and I do understand now.. I have watched this progression for

our country and it's "leaders"

Sir, I completely and totally agree with your beliefs! I've been a deputy sheriff for 38 years and just before that I was in the Navy for four years, 13 months in RVN. All three of our children are veterans and our youngest son is staying in the Navy for life on subs. We're very proud of them. What can one man do though to try to stop all this? It's obvious the #1 guy doesn't play with the same rules that we have played by all these years. I don't want to leave this country to my grandkids in the shape it is very apparently heading. I would like to help turn it around. We believe in the Constitution as our forefathers handed it down to us. IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE CHANGED. We all bear arms and always will as long as we are alive. I have no problems with people coming to this country LEGALLY. That's how my Scotch and German family got here. God Bless America!

Shariah Law Vote

Oklahoma has made a bold move and put it to the vote of the people to ban Shariah law in it's courts and it passed by a landslide. I'm sad to say that a judge quickly put it on hold, despite the vote of the people. It's a shame that a small group of Muslims can get their way so fast. I hope that the law is allowed to be placed into law and not to be shot down by the powers of the minority seeking to destroy us.

Retake our Courts

How many times to you read in the corrupt press that "A Federal Judge" decided this or that? High on our agenda is the retaking of our courts. That is where the overthrow of our Christian Constitutional Republic started. The constitution allows CONgress to decide the limits of court authority. Read it. Use it.

Moderate Muslims

Thanks General Boykin! I believe all Muslims are bound by Shariah Law. What we are experiencing with Moderate Muslims is the old "Good Cop" / "Bad Cop" ploy. Under Shariah Law, Muslims are allowed to lie, cheat, steal, and charm Infidels. We are the Infidels! Without moderate Muslims, Jehadists would not be able to accomplish their goals in the U.S., which is to kill us. The Moderates will charm us, while the murderers destroy us! General, you are right. Muslims should not have the protection afforded religions under the second amendment, because the mission of all Muslims in the U.S. is to destroy our Constitution and those Americans that get in their way.

your videos on shariah law

General Boyken, I appreciate your years of loyal service . I also respect and concur with your thoughts as portrayed in the shariah law videos. I have spread similar views as best I can. There are many who will argue about the reality of shariah law and its purpose as a tool to circumvent and destroy our constitution and way of life. I will share your Morning star videos with many . As an ex Army dog who comes from a family of many who have served , I salute you and your effort. We will help spread the word.

This is not political: It is

This is not political: It is AMERICAN! All patriots need to take the time to listen!

"The Basics of Shariah Law"

I started praying for our country, as well as the upcoming election, long ago. My prayer is that the "Red Tide" that rushed into America is the beginning of common sense and common decency returning to our country, replacing the blatant disregard of our politicians for "their peoples' opinions, wishes, and ethics". We have been on a collision course for far too long now. I was extremely gratified to see the election results, as the country made a very LOUD statement in unison - "We are ready for a change!!" Thank God for His Hand in it all.

Mosque Approval - Slapping America & Her Warriors in the face!!

I wish everyone could see this! Today is a very sad day in America! My heart is heavy today that America would sell the heart of New York for money. I don't understand why people from other Countries come to America and don't become Americans and embrace the traditions that we already have in place. Horrifying things like this are happening every day and most people are still bitching about the traffic and the check out line in the grocery stores.....SCREAM!!!! I believe this is a slap in the face to all of our American Warriors and their families, those that bleed and die for this Country every day! God Bless America & Her Warriors! Hugs, Sparrow Six-Five!!!

Shariah: The Threat to America

Lt. Gen. Boykin is one of the distinguished leaders and co-author of a new study published by the Center for Security Policy's Team B II called "Shariah: The Threat to America." It's a scholarly study that provides a comprehensive overview of Islamic law, what it is and what it means for America and the world. It's heavily footnoted to primary source Islamic authorities, doctrine, jurists, law, and scriptures. Available in PDF form at Also available in paperback book form at

For all concerned about Sharia law creeping into America, please go to this site: and JOIN! Also, in order to better understand what the jihadists intend for America, I hope you will read Brigette Gabriel's books "Because They Hate" and "They Must Be Stopped." The recent Egypt revolution could be the beginning of world Islam domination...UNLESS We The People of America fight strong against it. God Bless America!

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