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"Binding the Strongman, Healing the Land, Transferring the Wealth and Advancing the Kingdom"
Dr. John Benefiel
Monday, September 20, 2010

Dr. John Benefiel pastor of Church on the Rock in Oklahoma City and leads a Nationwide prayer network called Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network with leaders in all 50 states and 6 foreign countries presents a message called Binding the Strongman, Healing the Land, Transferring the Wealth and Advancing the Kingdom

This message can be found in its entirety at Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network

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connecting with godly men

I live in Oklahoma City. How do I connect with apostolic and godly men?

Thanks .....Really needed

Thanks .....Really needed this video..............Blessing to you and I/we will be joining in PRAYER with you......L&R

A Word of God

Sheila told us of this revelation Word. We meet to pray on Wednesdays. We heard what the message was about and began praising with our praise ribbons and banners. What a visitation of Holy Spirit upon us. We thank God for His teaching and preparation in this hour.

The current drought

I bought and read the book after seeing the end of a broadcast while visiting Dallas, TX in Dec., 2012. I am very concerned about the current (2011-2012) drought that is gripping over 60% of the United States. What is to be done? I live in Jenks, OK, and had not heard anything about your ministry until last Dec. My father was a minister of the Deciples of Christ Christian Church and had been all his life. He was also a Free Mason. He graduated from Philips Univ. in Enid, OK, many many years ago when he was a young man. I was so scared when I read your book and so disappointed in my father. He died in 2005.

prayer of divorcement

My husband & I have your book & DVD's on "Binding the Strongman". Powerful, thank you for your teaching; mostly for enlightening the nation of the influence of Baal. Thank you for your prayer on divorcing Baal. We are counselors of PERSONAL Inner Healing, which is exposing the lies that the enemy has deceived each one of us from childhood.



Will You Help Texas?

I just met you on "Supernatural" and I feel hope. Living in the deep, dark South has been hell on earth for us. Yes, I am a child of God, raised in the church, saved by His grace and committed to Him, but every turn in life I have met defeat, defeat, defeat. This is a place with many evil strongholds, yet a friendly, smiling face. This state must be the most deceitful, divided hypocrital and evil state in the U.S. We need help desperately, although most wouldn't think so. Being a graduate of Sam Houston State University, an author, recording artist, evangelist and a woman of God from the Tribe of Judah, God anointed me to see what others don't see. I enjoyed your presentation here and on Supernatural. I am a researcher of the truth and I've never heard what you are teaching and that is exciting, very exciting to me. May God continue to bless, protect, and prosper you and your ministry.

Binding the Strongman, Healing the Land, Transferring the Wealth

This video is not at Neither is it at Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network:

God Help us in California

God Help us in California

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