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"The Grand Jihad" from the Oak Initiative Summit
Kamal Saleem
Monday, September 20, 2010
Former Islamic terrorist Kamal Saleem informs from deep insider insight on the current threat to, and islamization of America. Find out more about The Oak Initiative at

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I am in total agreement with this man. We have dozens or more of day care centers that have 100's of muslim women and men teaching their children to be americanized so they may be able to enter into our culture and kill america from within. In some of the schools the muslim teachers have been teaching doctrin already, when the directors have come in the literiture is gone and the teachers dummy up. These people are evil, they mock our culture and our laws, they do not recognize business ethics or laws, they need to infiltrate so they don't take the time to be legal and abide by our laws. 1/2 the women don't have licenses to drive!! The men have sex with anyone they want and have children with many, their "wives" can do nothing about it , they have no morals and shun american business women. I have had many encounters with these people through business, they have no business ethics and done pay for jobs done and smile when they do it! They ignore because they have no conscequences for their actions! They have many Harrah markets where the men chew their root and get high,police know this and do nothing! They walk out of business meetings or come in late and are allowed to do this because they draw their "religious" card! You are so right, this is not a religious sect they are a government!! I for one am extremely scared.

I pray for the annointing to

I pray for the annointing to fall on my friends that the scales fall from their eyes, their eyes are closed, let the eyes of their understanding be flooded with light. In Jesus' name!

I agree!!!!!!!

I agree with this video.

Thank you Mr. Saleem for

Thank you Mr. Saleem for revealing this danger.

Saleem Video

This man speaks the truth. A virtue that seems to have been replaced with stupidity by our president and his administration and, backed by Socialist minions in the Congress of the United States and some Supreme Court Justices. However, we all know people who say and do things so they can be repremanded as stupid as an excuse when they don't get their way. Stupidity is quickly forgiven, but if they get away with some of their agenda, the label, Stupid, is absorbed and replaced with "Mistake". They have gotten away with Stimulus ($1 Trillion), Health Care Takeover (1/6th of our economy), Financial Reform Bill (A Farce), EPA Mandates on Carbon Footprints, and almost passed the Cap and Trade Bill which would have been the icing on the cake of our financial collapse! They have also perpetrated the Islam monkey on the back of our Constitution, as they use it as the tool to hide behind their real agenda, the creation of chaos in America under the guise of religion. Like you folks at The Oak Initiative, my friends and I abhor physical violence, and it appears, with last week's election, we may have a turn around from the Socialist Course Obama has plotted for us. We remain vigilant and thank you folks for your good work. I would like to know if Yale King could tell us if the vehicles in his dealerships were financed (Floor Planned) by Chrysler and GM. If so, maybe the vehicles could be construed as being assets owned by the Manufacturer in Bankruptsey Court. Regardless, its still a dirty trick and he should have recourse without having to spend all his money. Sad!

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