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Marxism in America Part II - 1958 Strategy of the Communist Party USA
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. (Jerry) Boykin
Monday, February 13, 2012


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Conservatives trapped into a false belief

For a century the conservatives in America have been trapped into a false belief as though everything freely evolving within the frame of our great Constitution is acceptable, and therefore must be just left alone. The life itself would sort things right. Wrong! Our Founding Fathers had warned us that it may be right only as long as the people are right: God fearing, freedom loving, moral people. However since the beginning of the 20th century, corrosive ideologies affected the American people and the government both. Legal nihilism became as common as in the former USSR. Twisted by the "progressive" agitators, the meaning of the words eroded into most frivolous interpretations. Just like in Russia on the verge of the 20th century, agitators took advantage of the relative freedom of that time with the goal to subvert the empire and establish socialist dictatorship. I had learned it and lived through it back in the USSR. And the things happening here look painfully familiar... America became a nation of disrepute, all its branches of government turning into a cardsharper bluffing on and on; Keeping to back and support their impostor, thief, and fraud Oabam/Soetoro/Soebarkach/Bonel. America needs the second revolution which would rid of the false GOP/Dems duality, prosecuting and convicting both. Here is the Platform for the new parties to be established instead:

Re: Communist infiltration of School Systems via Teachers Unions

To: Lt. Gen.(Ret.) W.G. "Jerry" Boykin Sir, I respectfully request your consideration of the works and effects of one Thomas E. Dewey with regards the insertion of Socialists Professors recruited from European Universities into the collegiate institutions of America. I believe, the erosion of our free market system and the socioeconomic formula of individual accountability and responsibility to contribute and participate to ones community and culture through personal initiative and entrepreneurship began its' demise - aided by the 'New Deal' fathered by Franklin D. Roosevelt - by their tainted mentoring. Thomas Dewey, I believe, was a closeted communist who sought the demise of this nations educational system under a ill conceived plan to 'enhance the cultural growth of the new generations of leaders and builders of America' (paraphrased). In effect, my precis interprets the results as the gradual dumbing down of the body politic with the omission and/or obfuscation of much of the historical fact, and foundational truths about the actions and incidents which are the elemental truths of 'The Great American Experiments' pursuit toward the inalienable right of Liberty and Freedom for all of its' citizens. Having upwards of 200 email contacts a decision to add a quote from Voltaire to all my outgoing email expressions was executed - the only comment received from that act was from a retired Teacher, who advised me to reconsider my insertion of the Voltaire quote less I encounter 'repercussions from an Agency of the Federal Government' I will not burden you with my reply, but rest assured it was one I believe, still being pondered. Thank you for your valued commitment and efforts to edify and rally the real American Citizen to be counted for God and Country. Be Safe, Be Healthy, always - is my prayer. In His Service, George P. Sarres

An ideal form of government is democracy tempered with assassination. Voltaire

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