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Marxism in America Part II - What Karl Marx Believed
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. (Jerry) Boykin
Friday, February 10, 2012

Click HERE to watch Marxism in America, Part II in its entirety.

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Obama impeachment

This illegal should be stripped of his office for tryig to make America a changed country...trying to make it become a Marxist-Socialistic Country..trying to take God and religion from our founders Constitution. Latest evidence shows that he was not born in this country and therefore he is not a "natural born citizen"... Have to say he is a great orator but he is unfit to lead our great country(America) in the right direction. Just look at the number of Czars he is putting into offices that are meant to deface our forefathers wishes written into our Constitution.. America had better wake up and fight to keep our fore-fathers and now your Constitution in tack...a country that was founded with freedom of speech, religion and prosperity for all... America should be governed by Americans and not the UN or any other Society Lets put God back into our Beliefs that America is going to the founders Constitution back to work... God bless America and our fighting men that make this possible...

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