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Marxism in America
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. (Jerry) Boykin
Tuesday, March 3, 2099


Click HERE to watch Marxism in America, Part II in its entirety.

In this video entitled "Marxism in America" General Jerry Boykin discusses his background and training in understanding Marxist insurgencies and how current government actions parallel Marxist tactics. Click “Share” above to send to your friends.

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Statement likes "If not done, investors ..." and "The economy would further slip into a depression..." are not proven, nothing to back up those view, simply ludicrous rhetoric. Using the guise that you are not a "hater" to slam the ideas presented is poor characterization of your ideals. Then you end by insinuating that the presenter is a "paranoid hater". When I read something like what you wrote, I see the reflection of what you are trying to portray. You are riding both sides of the common sense fence. You just don't make sense. All of that education must have muddled your mind somewhat. Your degrees, your occupation, you own a gun, believe in our US Constitution, but the content of your diabtribe does not stand to reason and logic. Maybe you should go back to school and take a course in LOGIC and REASONING. In any case, thamks for the input!

"The terrorists are just

"The terrorists are just angry (usually young) men who want ANY excuse to act out their violent tendancies" Wake up


in nevada our savings, home prices, etc have evaporated... thanks to the democratic controlled congress. Bush DOES NOT MAKE LAWS. congress did that,, ie democrats did this to us. Please go and actually READ THE BIBLE. as for the rest of your liberal rant.... wait till we vote, then see what you see!!!

When in recent history has

When in recent history has the government done anything to promote let alone finance the cause of christianity? The traditional "day of prayer" was cancelled, but the Muslims had a big day of prayer held in D.C. Christianity, the faith our country was founded on has been smeared and belittled on every side. The media makes it sound like if you are Christian you are some kind of religious radical. Come on. The majority of Americans are still church going Judao-Christian people.

Ready Reserve and Healthcare?

Why would a Ready Reserve Corp. need to be addressed in a Healthcare Bill? This should let everyone know that there are things hidden in this 2500 page bill that we would all fight against if we only knew it was there. Most of us haven't read it because we think that it is a long, boring read on rules and regulations for healthcare that we probably wouldn't understand. This is why items that we would hate and fight against are hidden in bills that have nothing to do with them. That way most people will never see them or hear about them. Thank you General Boykin for opening our eyes to only a part of what is wrong with this bill. We do need to make our cities and counties safe but we also need to fight for our constitutional freedoms at the same time. If we wait, it will be too late. God help us all!

ready reserve and healthcare

Please understand that it's a ready reserve for the Public Health Service, which has been one of the "uniformed services" in this country for decades. The PHS is nothing new, it's not a security force, and is not a hidden agenda. They work for the Surgeon General. God help us, indeed, if we're afraid of the Surgeon General unleashing his army of physicians and dentists on us.

Geez, This guy should be

Geez, This guy should be ashamed to call himself a member of the armed forces and an American ! Of every single major country in the entire world the U.S. is easily the LEAST socialist in the world and moving even FURTHER away than where we were in the 1950's !! This smells so much like the swift-boat crap that Rove concocted to discredit John Kerry. The depth of lies and spin the right wing will go to to scare the American People into voting for the right is at the pinnacle of arrogance and immorality! I won't be surprised when we find out this guy was paid an obscene amount money from Fox News (Faux Noose) to release this 2 days before the election. I pity you if you swallow any of this poisoned kool-aid.


Lt. is no scholar and draws conclusions easily from little evidence: for example, the Bush corporate bailouts are an indication of nationalisation of our economy. Many of the companies bailed out have repaid their loans and with interest (about 15 percent profit on some loans). His comments about the "brown shirts" and reference to hidden language in the health care legislation seems remarkably paranoid.



Marxism in America

General, you're one of the finest example of a patriotic Oath Keeper this wonderful country has to offer. Look us over and if you find we're worthy of your personal association, I hope you'll saddle-up with us. I greatly admire some of the courageous stands you have taken in you military career. I believe you are a kindred spirit and as such I have an obligation to present you with a medallion that's very precious to many of us Oath Keepers - It's called: [...Put on the Full] "Armor of God" and it's inscribed with a portion of the book of Ephesians 6: 10 - 12. [It's a true work of art, illustrating a Centurion in his full battle regalia] Please advise where I might send it to you? [I registered with MorningStar]. Thank you for your service; I salute you. Dave Freeman Oath Keepers Western Vice President and National Liaison to Peace Officers

History will explain what

History will explain what happened to America. Like many other empires, Egypt, Rome, Otteman, and Persian, after America vanishes in History, China or India will be in power! They are removing the middle class and the wealthy will take over and chaos will arise!

As a refugee from a

As a refugee from a Communist/Socialist country (Romania) I hereby stand as a witness to such a regime and attest it to be true as described by the General. There is more to it however it is well described in a fewer words.

Romania is no longer a

Romania is no longer a "communist" country, now its a member of EU..and now other countries in the EU has to take care of Romanias gypsies, because they are VERY bad treated in human rights , very poor...second class people status in Romania.Neo nazis kills gypsies in those old communist countries in eastern Europe, just like Hitler and the nazis did. In Hungary neo nazis are very strong and they hate jews, gypsies and God knows what...Poles are known for hating jews...In the Check neo nazis try to murder gypsies and so instead of communism, there are strong neo nazi groups in eastern Europe now a days. I dont like terror against any people...and I hope that USA still is what it should be, the land of freedom and hope for all kind of people!


What? What is he saying? This video is not closed captioned! Otherwise I would understand and forward this to as many as I can. Can this be closed captioned? Thank you.

Cannot hear what is being said.

Can you get your video closed captioned so I cAn "hear" what he is saying? I am hearing impaired and read lips, but his lips are not readable to understand what is being said. Thank you.

YES, it is Closed

YES, it is Closed the end of the red line noting the progression of the dialogue is a small "up" arrow.....please click on that and then the "CC" noted there for captioning. And thank you for fowarding this important can make a difference!

Healthcare bill General Boykin

The biggest problem is that 95% (guess of course) of people who vote are not going to read any of the bill and if they do 5210 looks innocuous unless you understand the big picture. My own family who are conservative think I've gone nuts with a conspiracy therapy. With such a poorly educated electorate (taught by union teachers) and the fact that most people just want to not believe any of this is true because they don't want to have to do anything or face the facts,there is a hard road ahead saving our country. Once again "they came for the Jews and I was not Jewish so I said nothing........." I am sending this type of information to everyone I email. This is a great video! I also like the idea of Boykin for President.

Healthcare Bill

Those of us who have been keeping an eye on the truth of what's happening in this nation are not fooled by the government rhetoric disclaimer attached to this video by an fool who has been thoroughly suckered by them! Praise God for those out there who do have the brains God gave a goat that will pay attention to the truth as spoken by such intelligent and honorable sources as this retired General.

Number one

Number one in what I believe is a lot of number two is....... He said,"the first rule of Marxism is the nationalizing of major sections of the economy......and the bailouts were an example of this." Well the bailouts started way before Obama took over folks. Its apparent to that many of you commenting here have forgotten about that. Our current president inherited this mess he didn't start or cause this mess. The fact that many conservative outlets allow blame to place on our current administration is very much part of the problem not part of the solution. The solution isn't necessarily to vote republican (or democrats) into office, the solution is to get the ones that are there working together to solve our issues. A debate is just that a debate, one shares his differences with another and there is compromise by both to meet somewhere near the middle with a solution that is best for the PEOPLE not individual, corporate, or party interests. The extremism on both side, absolutely has to stop. Otherwise, as crazy as it may sound, the end is very near. Mike

Working together?

This administration hasn't worked "together" with anyone except itself.

Mike; You are partly right.

Mike; You are partly right. It's both the Dems and Reps doing this to us. (Republicrats!) What you fail to understand, however, is that the so-called "middle" is still on the far left. Marxism is a disease that infects both the major American political parties. George H.W. Bush coined the phrase "New World Order". It was amped up under Clinton and even further under George W. Bush. Obama is merely Bush on steroids. There's little substantive difference. They're both beholden to big business, (who write all the government regulations.) They are both war mongers. They both accelerated the growth of government beyond any historical era. They both increased the national debt more than any of their respective predecessors. They trumpet their differences, but their differences are inconsequential in the big picture. History won't notice them. You're right when you say "The solution isn't necessarily to vote republican (or democrats) into office..." but oh so mistaken when you say "get the ones that are there working together to solve our issues." The ones that are THERE are the ones that created the issues. We need new people. We need term limits. We need volunteer representatives, not career professional politicians. The founders never had THIS in mind.

I could not have said this

I could not have said this better myself. Both parties have to agree to disagree and come to some kind of resolution for what is best for this country.

Obama in the senate

You are part wrong...Obama was in the senate since 2004 and he partly caused the mess he (actively wanted) inherited. Obama has no right to cry foul now when he didn't cry it loudly while in the senate (the dems controlled congress since 06). I have no pity for him or others in congress. Come tomorrow, I hope all the people who have over 12 years in congress are voted out; republicans and democrats alike. I'm tired of damn career politicians.

number one misses the marx(ism)

Seems you need a history lesson: The takeover of private sector started with liberal progressive 'destroy America first crowd' as soon as they took control of congress in 2007. The debt when the liberals started destroying the country in 2007 was less than 450B (war). Liberals since 2007 have destroyed our country on purpose. There should be no compromise to destroy her only a little. The latest: check Alaska media who can't help but promote their own country's destruction (the required first step) by media collusion and blatant lies.

Blame game should stop on all sides

Please read this as information, with some corrections. I want you to read this throughout and you should find that we do agree on more than one thing.

Let's look at your statement here a minute: "The fact that many conservative outlets allow blame to place on our current administration is very much part of the problem not part of the solution."

  1. What "fact" are you referring to that anyone is "allowing" blame to be placed on the current administration? If you watch any network news, CNN, MSNBC, even Fox News, all you see and hear is the current President blaming the previous administration, not the other way around. There are certainly some pundits on Fox News and conservative talk radio shows (but NONE of the other television or radio networks) that believe that the time for blame is well past, and that the President needs to start acting and stop blaming. I cannot help but agree. Blaming is not getting anything done, it is a waste of time.
  2. As for the previous administration being to blame for all the ills we are suffering, well, that is just blind ignorance. The first bailout, to the banks, was something I cannot condone. Businesses should succeed or fail on their own merit. Greed should not be rewarded. The greed of the few that infected those banks should have been allowed to suffer the consequences of their actions, with all board members, large amount stock holders, and high-paid executives having to lose a good portion of their personal investment (and/or pay). It is unconstitutional for the government of the United States to nationalize any private or publicly held business.
  3. Along with the above, the currentadministration has done far more damage with the TARP than the previous administration did in its last days. The currentadministration has intentionally acted AGAINST the Constitution of the United States (by the way, that is know as unconstitutional, which is otherwise know as illegal or criminal, and anyone found guilty of any of these crimes can be charged, convicted, and put in prison. If guilty, the President can be impeached and imprisoned.
  4. While I do not think that the blame game is a so much a part of the problem as a hindrance to the solution, I agree that action must be taken unilaterally.
  5. As for starting this mess, you'll have to specify which mess. Some of the messes we are in can certainly be blamed directly on the previous administration, and President Bush had the dignity of stating that "The buck stops here." No such dignity with President Obama. He is quick to take credit, but even faster to lay the blame on someone else. The entire country is sick of the blame game on both sides. When is he going to stop blaming and get to work with the issues we want him to handle, not the socialist, power-building issues he has spent his first two years on.
  6. "The solution isn't necessarily to vote republican (or democrats) into office, the solution is to get the ones that are there working together to solve our issues."

    1. Yes, and no. The only solution we have that is legal is to vote in people we trust (read hope we can trust), to act on the will of the people. Not the will of their party, not the will of the President or of their own greed for power or money. We have seen, time and again, for close to 100 years, that our elected officials go into office for a career, not as a duty or responsibility. By permitting senators and representatives to have unlimited terms, they build power, and concern themselves with getting re-elected over the will of the people. Each committee they belong to pays a salary over and above the salary of their elected position, and they do not even have to attend many (if any) of the meetings to be paid. All of these things must stop, to get representatives OF THE PEOPLE. From what I have seen, both sides have had their share of good men and women. Unfortunately, it would seem the "share" of good people is just too small. When our elected officials follow party lines instead of listening to their constituents, they are breaking their oath to us. This country is a Democratic Republic, where the people elect officials to legislate on their behalf. Legislators cannot do this without listening. If your legislator is not listening, find someone who will to replace them. I have seen almost everyone in Washington in the last couple of years blatantly ignoring the constitution and the will of the people. From President Obama on down, they have publicly stated that the Constitution is old, not valid in our times, a changing thing, or something they do not have to follow. Do any of them know the Constitution they are supposed to be following? If so, are they willfully engaging in illegal acts? Are they creating "unconstitutional laws" intentionally? Please, I beg of you all, get hold of every recent legislation and read them all yourselves. Get help as needed, but see for yourself that something is seriously wrong. Even before Obama, there are plenty of other unnecessary and unconstitutional laws that have been passed. I think the Patriot Act is one of the most dangerous laws ever passed, and we permitted it because of fear. If we don't repeal all of these laws, we WILL regret it.
    2. "The extremism on both side, absolutely has to stop."

      1. I agree. As far as I know, the right wing extremists are all very vocal, and there are some pretty violent ones out there. I can say that none of the "Tea Party" groups are extremists. All are non-violent. All are 100% above-board and legal in every action they take. Taxes are paid by these groups, rather than try to play the games of non-profit politics. They immediately throw out violent protesters, bigots, or anyone else who is trying to engender fear or hatred. Both parties are afraid of the Tea Parties because they represent real Americans who want to put control of the government back into the hands of the people ("of the people, by the people, for the people," not "of the masses, by the few, for the few"). Both parties have power-hungry, career politicians at their core. They may say they hold to certain principles, but their actions have shown us all the opposite is true. Most politicians are lawyers. Most lawyers are liars. It stands to reason that most politicians are liars and cannot be trusted.

Ubama is the end game

Number One is quite correct, our Dear Leader did not create this mess, but inherited this perfect storm that laid the groundwork for his radical agenda as nicely as any scripted plot in the history of tyrannical governments ever has. The creation was incremental, as it would have to be to be foisted on an erstwhile sovereign citizenry trusting in Constitutional protections. Social Security, a permanent income tax, Medicare & Medicaid, the welfare state, the War on Poverty, establishment of the FED, TARP, etc., were heaped on our backs over the course of a century. Now Mr. Ubama, letting no crisis go to waste, gives us his outrageously extreme measures that in normal times would have been rejected out of hand as perfectly Bolshevik. When threatened (as by the T.E.A. Party movement) liberals call for compromise, bipartisanship and "working together"-- concepts that never need be considered when they have a monopoly of power. Number One's solution of politicians "that are there working together to solve our issues" invariably makes for growing government, more regulation, more control, more intrusion into our private lives, and less personal liberty for the citizen. Maybe in Number One's world, that's a good thing. "Workers of the world unite!" (Karl Marx, call your office.)

Let me clarify someting to

Let me clarify someting to you concerning the bailouts: The bailout of the banking industry (with LOANS costing 9.5% interest and the government owning preferred stock in the banks) NOT the bailouts of AIG or GM (which happened after and at the instructions of Obama) occurred during the Bush Administration (during his last few months - not "way before"). Obama has been in office for almost two years; so, I think the blame game relating to the prior administration is getting a little old.

....and also

Those same folks seem to forget that the Bush admin tried to get Fannie and Freddie under control to stop the housing crash but the Democratics controlled congress the last two years of the Bush presidency and his hands were virtually tied in trying to put a stop to some of the things that were wrecking this nation.

..............Number One...

Quoting you: "Well the bailouts started way before Obama took over folks. Its apparent to that many of you commenting here have forgotten about that. Our current president inherited this mess he didn't start or cause this mess. The fact that many conservative outlets allow blame to place on our current administration is very much part of the problem not part of the solution....." ...............................Answer: The liberals have captured the Congress with a supermajority and caused the economy to collapse under the weight of poor monitary policy. That caused panic and our previous President was forced to go along with a Bailout. Remember, The President does not have all the power.

You miss the point. This is

You miss the point. This is also anger at the left wing of the Republican party, the one that has "compromised" with the left so much they are now no different. Even JFK was to the right of the Repub leadership over the last 10 years, leading to being indistinguishable from Democrats. We are busy throwing them out. We screamed at the growth of Medicare, lack of border control, growth of govt, lack of Social security REAL reform, lack of health insurance and tort reform ( let us buy insurance across state lines!!) for years, falling on deaf ears. The Repubs became leftists, why do you think the far left was able to take over? Most Americans are too busy to study and understand history and policies that lead to good results, and simply voted for "the other" party in response to the failed policies of Repubs. Nobody paid attention to the fact that the more to the left the Repubs went, the further down the polls they fell. Everyone, including Repub leaders, thought it meant they had to move furhter left, but in fact they had to move RIGHT, which finally is happening..and the proof of what we really want is in the results of the latest election. Now that the Repubs are coming back to the right where they belong, maybe there will be again a difference between the 2 parties. No more compromise. We are awake.

Remember that it is only

Remember that it is only congress that can set the budget and the democrats have had that distinction and caused the greatest deficit in our great nations history.

Obviously, the PResident has

Obviously, the PResident has too much power, and what he lacks in legitimate power, he circumvents to have his way. Let's all be very aware and observant, and do whatever we can to maintain our freedom and our capitalism. Our nation has grown great on that premise, along with our Christian values. Let us not forget any of that!

#1.....You got that right!

#1.....You got that right!


If you Democrats would get your head out of a dark place you would realize "this" mess did start before Obama was elected. it started when the democrats were given control of congress in 2006. Obama just doesn't know enough to pull in the reins on Pelosi so she gets to run free....I'm for impeaching the whole bunch.

Healthcare bill

I agree with you Mike. THe present President did inherit all of this mess from the two terms of the Bush Administration. What is so hard about seeing this? IF we are to continue to be a competitive country on the world scene we need to have healthy citizens. We have already lost our base in education compared to most other world class countries. Obama did not cause's been happening for over 20 years! Who do you blame for that? Other countries can not believe that we do not have what they have. That isn't Marxism. What I heard is scare tactics from folks who only know one way.........force with guns. THAT should scare the crap out of us! Pure Marxism is about a nation taking care equally of it's citizens basic, clean water, health care and education, etc. Not all God-Fearing people feel this way. This is pure scare tactics from those who don't like Democracy.


Mike, You're right, the problem is not just the Democrats. Republicans have become far too Progressive and many are no longer Conservative. We, the people, need to force a return to Constitutionallly Conservative government that is small with low taxes and that stays out of our personal lives and business. The Left and the Progressives (which includes all of the Democrats and part of the Republicans) will fight this program tooth and nail. If you want individual rights, lower taxes and the government out of your personal life, I suggest you become a Constitutional Conservative and help us pull the Federal Government back from the far left where it is now. Sincerely, Bob

I agree with much of what you

I agree with much of what you say. To clarify though: Yes, the bailouts started before Obama. However, Congress has been controlled by the Democrats since 2008. The House proposes all spending bills, not the President.

Number one

Mike, you are obviously a Democrat. To call you a Democrat is synonymous with calling you a Marxist. That said, you are partially correct in so much as the current individual in the Oval Office is not totally to blame. There is plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the political isle, but you need to open your eyes and open the pages of the Congressional logs to see where and more importantly when this started. The Dems began the bailouts under a different name long ago. They saved Chrysler many times dating back to the Gamma Goat and they also brought GM under the same rescue attempt which is where they bought a variety of vehicles for the military that were not worth the junk parts they were assembled with. The HUMVEE falls in to that category as well. They also started the movement toward stripping the rights of our citizens to own guns when Reagan was shot and they have not let up since. The only difference is the sneaky and under handed ways they veil their attempts while shifting the blame like true politicians when their foolish plans fail. The 2nd Amendment was, like the rest of the Constitution, very well thought out and written. It was done to enable the citizens the ability to defend themselves against a tyrannical government such as England. It is time we recognize the enemies within our own country and exercise our Constitutional rights by voting them out of their "thrones" and let them take their "Czars" with them. If you think everyone should be equal in social status and wealth, please feel free to move to N. Korea, Cuba, China, or Venezuela. We really won't miss you any more than we would miss the idiots currently drawing a salary in DC. Perhaps we should consider going back to the origins of this great Nation and limit the term of office so the politicos have to go to work for a living after two terms and do away with their benefit plan that keeps them drawing a full pay check for life after their first term along with their very lucrative health benefits package. The bottom line is this, what we currently have is most definitely a Socialist / Marxist movement in the Democratic party and if you look back to the forties and fifties you will see they like the press are most positively communist in their beliefs.

General, I Salute you.

General, I salute you for standing up and presenting this factual information for us in a way that ALL AMERICANS should understand. AMERICA is under attack like we never have been before, the internal attack that the liberals say that they are afraid of is on, and it is they who are conducting the attack. Nearly every aspect of our society that our constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees us is currently under attack, ane we need to act now. Starting with this election and then carrying through by repealing the unlawful legislation that has been passed in the last 2 years. Now if only the average American will get the message and act on it before it is too late. I would encourage anybody to do their own research on this matter, YOU WILL find out that what the General say is the truth. It is time for American to overhaul our current government and revert it back to the Government that was put in place by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is quite ironic how liberals screamed foul when President Bush made decisions about using our military to fight against terrorism, but no the Liberals want to create their own military type force that reports to nobody except the president. This line from the health care bill is very scary: (2) REQUIREMENT- All commissioned officers shall be citizens of the United States and shall be appointed without regard to the civil-service laws and compensated without regard to the Classification Act of 1923, as amended. This next line, remember that all numbers are in $1,000's: (d) Funding- For the purpose of carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the Commissioned Corps under this section, there are authorized to be appropriated $5,000,000 for each of fiscal years 2010 through 2014 for recruitment and training and $12,500,000 for each of fiscal years 2010 through 2014 for the Ready Reserve Corps. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE WE ARE NO MORE !!!


I believe everything this general said. The problem is that the socialist (liberals) in our country have so much power that this message will not be seen by most Americans. I ask that everyone that reads this, email it to all your friends and perhaps this article will spread across the nation.

Hand Salute, Sir

I've known of Bill Boykin since he was a Lieutenant .. he is a first class officer and gentleman and most importantly a God-Fearing Christian. He probably won't remember me, but I remember him when I was the Chief of US Army SCIF Accreditation at USASSG and fought tooth and nail for him and his G2 to get a SCIF established for some special high-speed stuff. After all kinds of the usual Pentagon BS trying to derail th e mission, I remember going TDY there and saying to him, "Well Sir, if nothing else works from that bunch up in the Pentagon, I'll just lay hands on it and pray this SCIF into Approval". When his Chief of CI in Grenada was gathering up all kinds of great stuff, he dispatched Maj Seymour back to the states posthaste with absolute proof of Cuban involve in the Grenada business. Anyway, let's just say that General Boykin is an all around Good Guy ... and thank the Lord for that fact!

Fair government AGAIN

I live in Oklahoma, and call and E mail my congressmen so much we are practically on a first name basis. They all assure me that they will do everything within their power to stop the obama agenda. Hopefully every that read this will contact those people that can help and vote only for those who are indifferent about restoration of sensible government. I am 84 yrs of age. I do it for 2-3 generations behind me.

The economy tanked under

The economy tanked under Bush’s watch, and the memory of Herbert Hoover’s contribution to the Great Depression was a specter hanging over their heads. The Democrats might rescue the economy and reform everything and like the New Deal, there would be profound change and the Democrats could control the government for 40 years. In the face of that possibility, lies like this seem to propagate like dandilions in a field on a warm summer day. Get the facts people. "Bailouts" are not nationalization of industry, MOST of the terrorist attacks on American soil (9-11 being the one glaring example to the contrary) have been perpetrated by 'right wing' 'solid' Americans who were attacking our government (think Oklahoma) or were the work of people seriously mentally ill (think Columbine and probably Oklahoma too!) and the REAL problem is from people who chafe against rules because they want to do harm to others. If we lived in a perfect world governments, rules and money would be unneeded. What did Jesus say about perfection in the world? Right -- not in this world, so get over it, and stop injecting politics into religion. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and concern yourself with the bigger issues of life ... anyone claiming to be a 'minister' ought to be running away form this not publicising it!

Well said

I sent this to everyone on my contacts list. May God protect and Bless the U.S.A.

Thank you

Thank you General for your video statement. I've seen you in person speaking and I know you to be an honest, credible man of integrity. I will post this to my facebook page and I hope many other millions will too. There are so many fires that have started in America in the past 2 years and so many others that have been left to smolder through many presidencies. Help us keep focused and abreast to fight a good fight, to restore our American Constitution, freedom, civil liberties and citizenship.

Great video-

You are very well informed and you use that information in a most eloquent way. I agree with you 100%! I know you said get involved- does anyone have groups or whatever that help get the message out there located in the TX hill country? Thanks and God Bless everyone

You are soooo correct. Thank

You are soooo correct. Thank you. This weeks events appear to be a prefab to a new 'crisis' that will springboard them to take over of the cargo and tranport sectors. We must prayer and vote and keep an eye on them always.

Beware people, this plan of

Beware people, this plan of marxism and socialism DID NOD start two years ago... This has been in the works for DECADES... The last few presidents have been corporate best friends and this one is no different. We have to look past labels and silly name calling (politicians), and realize THE PEOPLE MAKE THE GOVERNMENT GO. THE GOVERNMENT DON"T MAKE THE PEOPLE GO. So those politicians that WE appoint are all in the same union, they kids go to the same school as one another, the adults work in the same buildings, they all got the same health care, they all perpetuate EACH OTHERS PARTY... PEOPLE, we need a HUMAN UNION. If we don't stand together, then we all lose together.......

Obama and/or Marxism

If a polite, soft-spoken black man with very moderate centrist policies is going to be denounced as a "Marxist", what will you call actual Marxists?

What planet are you living on?

There is nothing "polite" or "soft spoken" in or about Obama. He rails like a Southern Baptist minister in the pulpit at a tent revival. He speaks out on issues he knows nothing about, i.e., the police officer who arrested his good friend, both of whom he invited to the White House for a beer. He has spent less time in the Oval Office and he and Michelle have spent more time and money vacationing than any other President in our history. His Socialistic ideas are one step closer to Communism. People like you who support him are the ones we should be most fearful of.