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The Yale King Story
Rick Joyner
Yale King
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. (Jerry) Boykin
Friday, September 24, 2010
Yale King relates his story of losing his GM and Chrysler dealership during government intervention in General Motors. Contrary to portrayal in the media, the dealerships that were shut down did not demonstrate poor performance. 789 of the approximately 790 dealers who were targeted to lose their dealerships supported the Republican party. This calls in to question the motives of those who ran this government intervention since car dealerships in general are not a liability to car manufacturers, they are an asset. If you would like to view the full length unedited version (1 Hour 15 Minutes) please click here.

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This is something that I've heard about, but not in such detail. I'd like to know WHO is pulling the strings, really? Tim Geithner said that President Obama is NOT in charge. He was asked, WHO IS? Geithner replied, "I AM!" I saw this on a different websight & he was not well received by the leaders of the countries that he was speaking to. So, I'd like to know if the Bilderberg Group, Tri-lateral Commission, Federal Reserve, The Boheimian Grove, & the U.N. are the ones pushing all of this. If these Czars & the ones that have been in the Cabinet are not held accountable, what & when will it happen. Many are announcing that this will bring down America in 2012. In my opinion, only God knows for sure. Many, many people cannot afford to "prepare" properly for any kind of buying up food & staples & water to be able to last very long, if it's like what I'm hearing on this & other websites. Many people DO NOT believe that something will never happen to America...I for one, DO believe this can & IS happening right now & millions are blinded by something like this & are still keeping their loyalty to this administration & I'm sure that the GOP will probably be destroyed by what is taking place with all of them attacking each other instead of focusing on the issues at hand in our gov't. President Obama said that there are at least 17 treaties are to be ratified by Congress regarding these treaties with the U.N.! The first one is the gun control (disarming Americans) that has already passed in either the senate or the house, not sure which. Once these treaties are ratified, we'll have NO more freedoms. The L.O.S.T. { Land, Oceans, Sea Treaty} & the {ICC - International Criminal Court} are the most important ones, I think. The U.N. will then have authority over all that & many other counties {i.e. the One World Order} will be established.

Searching for Gen Boykin's email address

If anyone has contact information for Gen Boykin, please contact me.

A very sad tale and one that

A very sad tale and one that bodes ill for our kids and grand-kids as well as for us. This is going on RIGHT NOW and will get worse if we don't get the criminals out of government!

Yale King's Story

Wow - thank you for sharing! Can this story be told on FOX news or other news stations so that more people are made aware of what's going on? This story has got to be told!

The Yale King Story

I'm glad someone is getting their story out there to the sleeping general public. I worked for Chrysler dealerships for about l5 years until 1993. My first salesman duties started in 1970, when to be honest these cars were not acceptable bodywise. But this was the muscle car years and the great Hemi engines carried the day. When Lee Iacocca was able to get the government loan to modernize the factories, things took a huge turnaround and Chrysler's future was shining bright, and the loan was paid back in full well ahead of time. I don't remember a lot about the restrictions, but I do remember they had to destroy the molds for the "gas guzzling" engines and turn to mostly 4 and 6 cyclinder engines, because of the "oil shortages"? Chrysler Corp. was very successful at least until I retired in1993. They had very successful sales in cars with a great lineup, and the Dodge Diesel was the best selling heavy hauler on the road. Fast forward to 2008. How did Chrysler suddenly get so bad that they had to be taken over by Obama Motors? I could not believe this. I'll tell you, my heart was broken for the way Chrysler and GM were both treated. So many livelihoods and lives destroyed. Hi, WE'RE FROM THE GOVERNMENT, AND WE ARE HERE TO HELP. You bettcha! Let's turn this party out in 2012 and all of us get more involved. I love this video.

Our WEAPONS are NOT of this World

2 Corinthians 19: 3 - 5 NIV "For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons that we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ."

Distribution of Information

I am extremely delighted to hear all that has been allowed for us to hear and become educated on whats really happening in America. I too am a Veteran of the Vietnam war, and truly believe that I fought to maintain what our constitution stands for. However there are huge populations of people that do not know how close we are to losing our freedom. Honestly I have never really cared about politics or politicians,having said that I address this letter to Lt. Col, Boykin, Mr,King and all who are trying to get as much information out to the American people,I'm limited in hours that I can work but I will commit to work 24/7 to help you any way that I can. Use me I'm giving myself to you. J.G. Sanchez/ God Bless you,and God Bless America!!

The move towards Socialism

I think there are many people just like me who honestly CANNOT believe that our government would actually be trying to destroy our country. After two years of hearing our President say, "we are six days away from FUNDAMENTALLY changing the way this country operates", we indeed now realize EXACTLY what this man and his administration had in mind. I DO NOT believe this happened by accident. I think that the Progressives have been waiting for the "perfect storm" and they sure did hit the jackpot when they won control of the House, the Senate and the President . . . the trifecta in capital letters. . . and they were READY for it!!! This President has been groomed since he was a very young man to be in the position he is in, and the "machine", the shadow group backing him, hit the ground running as fast as they could because they knew that their window of opportunity would close about right now once the American people really understood what they planned to do. There is absolutely no other explanation why they ignored the economic situation in this country to push the agenda that was their top priority even though 70%+ of the American people were opposed. And all the "blue dogs" bought the hype, ate the "dog food" and lost their jobs in the last election, and the President has the guts to say that he feels bad - NO . . . he doesn't! They were the necessary sacrifice in order to push forward with the progressive agenda. Of course now the President is going to make "some mid-term adjustments" because he needs another term to finish what he started! And Nancy Palosi is running for Minority Speaker of the House so that she can "protect the accomplishments" of the first two years. This woman is determined to continue to rule Washington even after the voters spoke. The people of this country better get down on their knees and PRAY for the protection of GOD because now more than ever we need His mercy and intervention. I think you will see a major swing back to God, family, church and guns before this correction is over!

Chrysler/GM dealer hijackings

Thank you for explaining how the "government" (for lack of better appellation) hijacked the dealerships of successful Republican owners. I had read that the wife of one of the czars (CZARS????) was able to provide the demographic information of these owners and that the dealerships were targeted on the basis of party affiliation. Sounds like favors were is totally outrageous.

Let Justice Be Served

Thank you for providing this information free of charge via the internet. Could you please create a condensed version that will fit into a ten minute presentation; suggest you include text and graphics to emphasize key points. A detailed listing of all dealerships that were taken and redistributed would be very powerful. This information must be publicized and corroborated by other credible media. Thank you for your efforts. Let justice be served.

The Yale King Story

As a Tea Party member of long standing, I am aware of the abominable events of the past two years that have appalled and frankly, frightened all clear thinking Americans, but I do believe this story stands out as one of the egregious I have heard so far. Now that we have had a fairly successful election, I wonder how much of these things that have occurred have any chance of being repaired and whether Yale or any of his colleagues have the possibility of any recourse due to the change in the environment in congress. Is there anything that can be done to gain back even a fraction of their losses and what can ordinary citizens do to support the victims of this government fraud? If it can happen to them, what can happen to the rest of us? I hear rumors about all kinds of things going on in this country that sound almost rediculous, but when you hear about what was done to the auto dealers, those things don't sound quite so unbelievable anymore. I pray that this country is heading back in the right direction, but it has gone so far towards socialism, that I don't believe we can relax even a little bit yet. Thank you for bringing this story out in the open and shining a light on it so that maybe more people can be awakened to the danger that lurks in this republic and threatens to take us down the road to communism. I am going to pray for Yale and all the others who lost so much and hope you will keep us updated on their situation. Thank you for all you do in your ministry! Best Regards, Sandra Hayley

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