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Marxism in America
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. (Jerry) Boykin
Tuesday, March 3, 2099


Click HERE to watch Marxism in America, Part II in its entirety.

In this video entitled "Marxism in America" General Jerry Boykin discusses his background and training in understanding Marxist insurgencies and how current government actions parallel Marxist tactics. Click “Share” above to send to your friends.

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May the good Lord bless and

May the good Lord bless and protect you Sir! God bless you and your advocacy!

New era is approaching so sad

New era is approaching so sad because i love america but slowly see it drifting away from what it always stood for.

Thanks so much for the video on MARXISM

I really appreciated your video on Marxism. You speak with authority. You know what you are talking about!. It is helpful to be aware of the dangers of what is happening in our government. We surely need to be aware an take a stand on what we believe! Thank you!


General Boykin, Thanks for your service in uniform and now. To all...there is more going on than the average person sees since so many things are happening at the same time in many directions. The President's Example and the Military's Moral Dilemma Hawaii's 2008 elections went completely opposite the rest of the nation. Why? Is it just that Hawaii is a "Blue State" that has had Democrat domination for 50 years? Possibly, though this year had the greatest and largest turn out of Conservative Republican candidates in recent history. Why then the lop-sidedness of this year's election races in Hawaii? There was probably more than sufficient effort from outside the state coming in. Hawaii now has one of the most far left liberals in America as Governor and his Lt Governor is the former Hawaii Democratic Party Chair that skipped step from ALL his predecessors and did not validate to the Nation or State that Obama was constitutionally-qualified to be on Hawaii's 2008 ballot. It stands to reason that the powers that be want to "seal off" any issues over Obama's eligibility for a 2012 run. Stand tall, stand up, act...truth always wins.

We're with you, General.

We're with you, General. I've known this stuff ever since I started listening to Glenn Beck, hearing it from their own mouths, on tape and video! I'm so mad I can't see straight. The thing that amazes me is how stupid these supposed intellectuals are! They strive for a system that has never worked anywhere it has been tried. All men are created equal, but there is no way that all outcomes will ever be equal. Societies and economies could not function if everyone was guaranteed equality. They actually believe they can create a Utopia on Earth! Idiots and fools! The truth is, in Communism, all are not equal. The party leaders always live high on the hog, and the people stand in line for their 6 potatoes a week. And the nonsense that comes out of Pelosi, Reid, Obama and all of them is astounding. I believe some of them are clinically mentally ill. They and all the Progressives have made the Biblical prophecy come true....."men will call evil good, and good evil". I'm trying not to hate, but it's hard when I know that they're not just misguided and wrong; they're doing all this deliberately. If I met him, I would never call him, Mr. President. He is not my President. I would call him, Mr. Obama, look him in the eye, and spit on the ground. Their actions are unforgivable. I think not only of the early patriots who died, but all the precious military men and women who have died for this unique Republic. These people aren't worthy to speak their names. We may have to go through some tough times, but the Tea Parties and the recent election give me some hope that we'll win. I am so proud of America and this election! I thought there weren't enough of us who saw the truth and cared. It renewed my faith to see that so many are awake now. Jefferson said the people would get it wrong sometimes, but they would correct it. I hope that if we stand with God, and do our part, we can still correct it. Thank you for your service, General. God bless you and God bless America. And all I can say is, may God reward them according to their works.

Marxism or Collectivism/Statism?

After growing weary of the Obama administration and the ideologies of the current Democrat party, I sought out to learn more about what they believe and practice. Actually the practices and ideology more closely fits "Statism" and "collectivism" than any other because they force their actions upon the entire nation without due process set forth in our Constitutional Republic.

Marxism in America by Lt.Gen. Boykin

I'm a brand new subscriber who wishes to know is it possible for me to buy a DVD copy of General Boykin's talk so that I can share with other Family & Friends who have not computer access? Thanks for using our Freedom of Speech rights while we still have them, larry



hate speech

How can one burn the American flag in public and not have that action deemed "hate speech"? It is my view that burning an American flag IS hate speech. The days are now upon us ....... what was once wrong, is now considered right....... and what most common sense people have known all along to be right is looked upon as wrong. I am a U S veteran, an American, a Christian and a family man. I, along with the majority of Americans will survive this madness. The rest of you can go out to lunch with Hugo and Obama.


Thank you General. This is things that you need to put on the air. This is some good stuff that will make the American people think and the brave ones stand up and say enough is enough. I am happy that we have the first African American President but I am beginning to believe that he won just to prove he could. I am usually a democrat but I am beginning to question the agenda of my own party as well as all the others. We are supose to be for the People, of the People and by the People. God said that the church was not the walls and roof that we pray under it was the People them selves. It is time we stand and be counted not just because we are of one party or the other but because we need to bring God back into our homes, schools, and government. Wake up people cant you see that we are doing exactally what the few want and I am sure there are many more Christians than the non believers. Lets stand together and take back our government and schools and show them that God is the one with the power! Show our little children how life should be, that they should not be scared to go to school and pray before they eat, or pray out loud or talk to a fellow student about God! That we shouldnt be afraid to walk out of homes because we might get shot! This is rediculas lets take back our country, dont your children deserve it-I KNOW MINE DO! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND YOU!

What a fruit loop. He's

What a fruit loop. He's certifiable

Helpful hints to survive and thrive in troubled times.

Well done General. We are fighting the good fight by your side. Please don't hesitate in contacting me personally for any assistance whatsoever. Best to the best Yoda


You are certainly correct about people not reading the Health Care bill. If the people voting for or against it didn't read it, could you expect us peons to do so? I don't believe we were really given the opportunity to read it. The government now (those in control) seem to believe we are not smart enough to make decisions for ourselves. Although a lot of us have been in several businesses and made our own decisions regarding them.... And I don't believe most of those in power have actually been in business and made many decisions. It's too bad that we can't have bsiness people in control. I've been in several businesses incl. the building business, motels, real estate and apartments. Now I have a Reg. Texas Longhorn ranch. And a little property. I appreciate so much what people like you, who actually give most of their pesonal life to their country, have done for all of us. Thank you very much.

Stand Up or Stand Aside

Thank you General for your service to our Republic and for taking the time to inform Americans of their intended plight by the communists who have taken over our nation, institution by institution. We have precious short time to save our nation. We must fight every way we can find in order to defeat Soros, Bernanke, Obama, Pelosi and Reid from destroying what if left.

The thing I dont understand

The thing I dont understand is why are American Citizens sitting around waiting for to happen.. I see soooo many comments and what people want and will do if.. but the action is so weak.. I too am in total disgust of where our nation is going but why hasnt anyone did anything about it yet?? Why are we waiting? I love this country as much as the next. I love the freedoms that have been given to me by our forefathers. I respect those who do try to lead us the right way. BUT if we dont rise up and stand against a tyrant that is so hell bent on controlling this nation and its people, then eventually we will have no rights and it will be too late. People dont realize that our country is a baby compared to others. We are in turning point that every country has been thru way before our time. Now look at them.... I can sit and talk and preach all day but its nothing when there is no action... " A voice of one is heard by few, but a voice of many is heard by everyone"

Why do people let this happen?

The anonymous author does not understand why so many people stand by and let this happen. I think it is your moral philosophy which allows the Marxists the upper hand. You claim agreement with the Declaration of Independence that everyone has a right to the pursuit of happiness. Whose happiness? Well your's of course, not King George's and certainly not President Obama's and not every uninsured's. But you scold your children to share their favorite toys with others. Why don't you scream at the top of your lungs that you earned the money to pay for your own health care (your happiness)? Why don't you scream that no one has the right to take it away from you and give it to someone else? You don't because all your life you have been bombarded with "share and share alike". Many of you bought it. No wonder when you are faced with the Marxist "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs) you let the Marxist win.

marxisn in the usa

we are all in the hands of people who only want to get all they can out of american people.politics is the way to do that by controling the law to fit their agenda. we as citizens don,t know or understand what our leaders are doing to us,we swallow what ever they tell us.we all know they want a leader who has no morals or concern for people,we will be like dogs. all of our rites and liberties will be taken away,but who will do anything to correct this wrong,who can we believe,what can one man do,ALOT WITH THE RIGHT PERSON.

reply to comment The thing I don't understand

Your comment right on the mark. I for one do not understand why an Oath is sworn to and is not upheld and nothing is done. There must be a law somewhere that if you fail to uphold the Oath that you swore to uphold then out the door you go. You do not collect any monies, bennies for time served .You serve jail time and branded with a T for Treason, and never allowed to hold a public office or be appointed to serve the public. It should be rather cut and dry. I am and have always been a Proud American not beholding to any party and hold both parties accountable for this mess Our Country is in. May All Americans in Our Republic wake up open their eyes, it is right before you just see and listen. Thank You for Your Service to Our Country in uniform Lt Gen Boykin and Your Continued Dedication and Support of Our Republic. God Bless America and All Americans All The Way LT Gen and Then Some ABN Trooper

Awesome Content . . .

This timely relevant info should broadcast into ever home in America. Thank you Gen. for echoing what people like Rod Parsely & John Hagee have been saying for momths. Well said.

very good

very good

Kamal Saleem

Should you have the opportunity, listen to Kamal Saleem as well. He walked and talked Islam before his conversion. I am totally blown away that the feminist movement is not up in arms about sharia law. Rather than support the Christian culture, they would much rather embrace a religion that in the end, will strip them of their dignity.

Markism in America : Lt Gen ( Ret ) W.G. Boykin

by: John B. Sims, SR. ..... THANKS General for the WAKE-UP Call ........ And SPECIAL Thanks to ALL the Comments that preceded mine.... .

thank you for links to quotes used

Thank you, I had never seen links to quotes used popping up and taking you to the point of the quote in another video. Awesome. Thank you General Boykin from a friend at GSCC in Boring ,Or

Thank you, General!

The big news of Nov.3, 2010 is not the post election euphoria but Bernanke's announcement of QE2 (not the Ocean Liner but executive easing no.2). This is the process how the enormous US debt owed to foreigners is "monetized". The unanimous opinion of most of the on-line investment advisors and economy experts is INFLATION, the only question is: will it be a "controlled inflation" (an oxymoron) or hyper-inflation. Debasing the world's No.1 reserve currency is the first step of breaking the power of the USA. In that, Obama, his progressives supporters in the Cabinet and the left-wing Democrats are colluding! Tycoon's like Geroge Soros are financing the process; being one of the most powerful hedge-fund managers he may glean unimaginable profits from the collapse of the US economy. Obama and his powerful entourage may turn the ensuing chaos into a communist dictatorship which will provide them with unlimited power until the Communist USA implodes under it own inefficiencies (witness the Soviet Union and the East-European communist countries). -- General Boykin sees the situation clearly, he has addressed the "HOW" of this unbelievable tragedy, I am trying to understand the "WHY". Glenn Beck's recent programs are excellent, he is documenting his theses with the very words (spoken, written) of the OTHER SIDE and so far he hes not been assassinated by the left or terminated by his emloyer (FOX News). Thank be to God for brave patriots like General Boykin or Glenn Beck (and other persons like them). -- In 1956 I voted with my feet when I escaped from Hungary and it will break my 77 years old heart to witness another communist nightmare.

Thank you for that explanation

Thank you, General, for having the courage to speak out. I recently reviewed the "45 Goals of International Communism" (fromn Cleon Skousen, "The Naked Communist," in the Congressional Record, 1963.) your analysis is consistent with that, except it relates it to today's events. I recently undertook a public information web site on Islamic Jihad as a wordpress blog: (A compilation of web information. Coincidentally, two of the original videos have been removed under pressure from US and British authorities, who claimed they were inciteful. To some crazies, yes, but informative to others.)

Thank You!

Thank you for your service. GOD, Honor, Country. GOD bless you,

health care General Boykin

Every word General Boykin has said about Americans is right about the health care proposal & also our rights are being stolen from our own government.Is this what the people thought about when they voted this president in about the muslim and all that this man is pulling off in front of our eyes.About haveing the right to bear arms that our slowly be taken away.

Marxism in America

I think the American people need to know the names of the congress people that actually put those rules into the healthcare law. ( Making up brownshirt army). Say who it is , then the media can go after this person and get the bottom of what was planned.

Every word is true

I grew up in post war Germany, I saw what the communists did in East Germany, It's called the Salami-Effect. They take one slice of freedom away at a time and before you know it is gone. FOREVER. Dear General, God bless you. You studied Communism by training, I learned it by experience. The only thing Communism is successful of is killing people. By the millions. The first rule : Disarm the people !!!

All my colleagues who grew

All my colleagues who grew up "behind the iron curtain" agree with you. They are appalled that AMERICA has been so snookered, and disappointed in our gullible foolishness.

right and wrong

How True it is That the CHRISTIANS and JEWS and Catholics Believe in peace ,love , family values and GOD. while we may be condemed for our BELIEFS as Christians we do not Encourage the killing or the CUTTING OFF a PERSONS HEAD for not agreeing with their FAITH, or sending to the GAS CHAMBERS as they did in Germany and some other countries. America may have some problems but CHRISTIANS , The 2ND Amendment ( to be able to protect your family and home ) and Freedom are not one of our problems. NOTE: Staes allowing guns have less crime . NOTE: The country of Austraila tried to get rid of guns and the CRIME rate increasded in so areas 100% QUESTION Why is it OK to PRAY TO MOHAMMAD ANY Where but CHRISTIANS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PRAY IN SCHOOLS OR USE GODS IN THE PLEDGE AND NOW THEY WANT TO REMOVE THE CROSSES FROM the soldiers GRAVES in Arlington Cemetary LET us BE fair and Honest about what is TRUE

Americans Must Never Forget Our History

Before getting into any personal comments and those expressed by Gen. Boykin in this great video, I want to address Tomas' point on papal infallibility. The pope first and foremost is a human being, subject to all the foibles and frailties of a human. BUT as the head of the Catholic Church on Earth his infallibility can be explained this way: "While doctrinal matters are normally resolved by an ecumenical council (a meeting of all of the bishops of the Church), such a council can only be called by the pope, and its decisions are not official until confirmed by the pope. One such council, the First Vatican Council of 1870, recognized the doctrine of papal infallibility. While some non-Catholic Christians regard this as a novelty, this doctrine is simply a full understanding of Christ’s response to Peter, that it was God the Father who revealed to him that Jesus was the Christ. Papal infallibility does not mean that the pope can never do anything wrong. However, when, like Peter, he is speaking on matters of faith and morals and intends to instruct the whole Church by defining a doctrine, the Church believes that he is protected by the Holy Spirit and cannot speak in error." No criticism, Tomas, just a point of clarification. This video, I believe, is intended to alert us to the dangers we face not only as Americans but it also addresses dangers the world population is contending with. Americans have become increasingly complacent and dependent on government to solve problems that historically were solved within the home and community. We have just experienced one of the most momentous elections in U.S. history, yet some states that are suffering from the worst unemployment and economic chaos blindly sent back to Washington incumbents who were instrumental in getting into the mess our country faces. For two years before Obama entered the Oval Office, his political cronies, mostly degenerates of the "hippie era", were in power and had more than enough time to implement legislation and oversight of Wall Street, Fannie Mae and Freddic Mac (and how is it a company like GM that continued to bury itself to a debt of $175 billion be worthy of a government bailout?). Congress chose instead to wait until January 2009 to start placing blame elsewhere, primarily on GW Bush, and began the effort to control every aspect of our lives under the guise of 'emergency measures' to prevent an economic disaster. In quick succession, the Administration, with a new Cabinet of Socialists and Communists, and a Democratic Congress succeeded in passing legislation that the majority of Americans saw as an incidious intrusion on their personal lives. We have witnessed a concerted government effort to reject the majority while it pursued minority agendas, all the while failing to provide security for its citizens and to prosecute criminals who violate our laws and our national sovereignty. Since the Presidency of George Washington through the Presidency of George W Bush, this country's national debt grew to 9 trillion dollars. In just two years of the Obama and a Democratic Congress, that debt will have jumped to almost 13 trillion, almost $5 billion a day!! This country is being led by the nose to economic and moral destruction and too many of us choose to reject the warnings such as those Gen. Boykin addresses in the video. Personally, yesterday, November 2nd, 2010 was an eye opener as I watched and and listened to statistics and numbers being presented in the aftermath of the election.......3 to 5 percent of voters not deciding who or what to vote for until they were in the polling line or booth, one out of two voters who think Obamacare is okay, some voters agreeing that GM should get $45 billion in tax credits, many voters agreeing to ending the Bush Tax Cuts, unaware of what is in store for them come January 1st, 2011. Americans who truly, truly love their country, particularly those who have sacrificed and fought to protect our liberties, and those who don't have their hands out looking for a 'stash', know that vigilance and being informed are keys to survival. The historic election is over and where we go from here as a country isn't clear now, but if people really care about their future, and more importantly, the future of their country, they will become more informed and involved long before the next election......and the next, and the next and the next.


Yes, you told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The problem I SEE is the AMERICAN PEOPLE will no longer STAND UP FOR OUR BASIC RIGHTS GRANTED under the Constitution. I carry a copy with me everywhere I go. Folks, WE THE PEOPLE standing together can only make the change!!!! Setting on your rear end saying, "what can I do" I'm only one person" is a cop out!!!! Wake up AMERICA, STAND UP AND DEMAND YOUR RIGHTS and quit letting dictators tell you what you cannot do which is contrary to our Constitution. Our public schools do not even teach the Constitution anymore because the GOVERNMENT has said it's a no no!! I am a Viet Nam Vet and when I came back to the United States after 14 years around the world I SAW America turned to Communism. Social Programs take away from you and me and our children and grandchildren and you feel comfy with all the freebies from the government. Wake up and work, plant your own gardens and can your own food because our government is trying now to keep you from even growing our own food to eat. Don't take my word for it, google it or go on you tube and research it yourself. is a good start. Wake up Americans so we may have a "ONE NATION UNDER GOD" again with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL, not just the rich and those in power. Most important, remember the Second Amendment to U.S. Constitution: "A WELL REGULATED MILITIA, (that's we the people, not the government) BEING NECESSARY TO THE SECURITY OF A FREE STATE, (not a slave state) THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, (your right) SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED." The most important part of that amendment is the period at the end. No additions or subtractions. STAND NOW or you will no longer be FREE!. As for religion - I use the word BIBLE - B-asic I-nstructions B-efore L-eaving E-arth! Anyone want to argue that remember that professionals built the Titanic, IT SANK, Amatures built the ARK, it DID NOT SINK. Who are you going to listen to for guidance??? As for me "GIVE ME LIBERTY or GIVE ME DEATH!"


"The goal of socialism is communism." - Vladimir Lenin

That man KNOWS what he's

That man KNOWS what he's talking about!!! But GOD is over this entire Universe that He created!

Good read A eyeopener in some

Good read A eyeopener in some things for me!!!Thanks for printing out the site for many to see

A True American Hero

I’ve met the man and have listened to many of his presentations. He is extremely knowledgeable of Islam and has a keen understanding of the middle east; he is a devout Christian who was persecuted in the national media for simply confirming his beliefs; he is a warrior who has led troops in Beirut, Panama and Mogadishu. Those were his dead soldiers who came back stacked in the backend of a truck. He bears the scars where a .50 cal round ripped through his armor and tore his arm almost completely off. He has seen bittersweet successes in battle, yet – even though retired - still shoulders the “burden of command”. It should be assumed that a man who has bled and fought for America would have America’s interests at heart. I will say without qualification, Gen Boykin loves our great country. He is a true American hero. He can speak at length, with statistics and facts, about the internal and external threats to our nation, both physical and financial threats. He speaks bluntly, truthfully, from a wealth of knowledge and experience gained first-hand (not from the TV pundits or internet). He understands the intricate dependencies of the warring factions and countries around the world. You may not believe or agree with all the principles he espouses, but I think you’ll be hard pressed to find fault with the facts he puts forth as he shines a bright light on the subversive nature of those who want to turn America away from our heritage. Boykin has seen in other countries the results of the actions taken here by our government. That’s why he is so vocal about the path we are on. History DOES repeat itself, and the current pattern is frightening. #1 take-away point – “Be an American first”.

Wake up America

As the old saying goes, "History repeats itself." I've been reading some history of how Hitler became such a force of death and destruction in Europe. He had a vast army, he clothed and fed by taking it away from his own people and the surrounding countries around Germany that he exploided. No one believed the dirty little man would dare invade their borders, after all didn't they have a peice of paper as a treaty with the headman of Germany? Yes, it was blames on the Jews.....Didn't this little man's armies invade France and Polland? Then there were Vienna and Czechoslovakia. Of course, England was busy living the high life of Royalty. History will also remind us that England was suffering, too. There poor destitue country men with families were jobless, hungry and homeless. So when the bombs started droping, some people took notice, hid in their royal bedrooms. They had uniforms made gave them to those homeless and sent the destitute men and boys to fight the enemy they had heard about and ignored. American at that time was the same. Most of the leaders were to posh and fat to worry about those across the sea. Yet they got those men off the soup lines, put uniforms on them gave them a rifle with bullets and said. "You represent American, go and fight like men. And they did... Most of them were fed and had housing. But don't fret, we do have an army in America. yes thousands and thousands, to the poorest cities to the affluent cities from 10 year of age to 50+. They have the best of guns and bombs of any Army. Our Police Officers are overwhelmed and outrigged. Life goes on..... I beleive that any child 16 years and older should be registered and sent to Military school to keep them from roming around the street getting into gangs and trouble. At 20 they can then go on into the military as productive adults and serve America with honor. I don't believe in any way that a soldier and his family required to serve America for 4 years cost the goverment as much as an 80 year rep. that sleeps through the meetings in congress, the house of reps. and the courts for one year. American is outraged at the dishonest, selfish, selfimposed, government that is failing our country. I ask God to Bless American from the bottom of my heart, in prayer.


Wow, I just took the time to read all of these responses and could give an opinion an all of them. However, the driving force that will help all of us find and make the correct decisions for our countries future is simple: "BE AN AMERICAN, FIRST." I will respond to two issues. The financial situation has been developing for the last 50 years under both Republican and Democratic leadership. I love how many people cite Clinton as the President who balanced the budget. Actually, Clinton and many other presidents were simply smart enough to sell short term bonds to the federal reserve bank (FRB), in return for printing money we really don't have to pay off debt. (Please remember that the FRB is a private corporation, not a government entity, whose board members consist of the most wealthy and powerful business corporations in America and Europe.) Then 12 years later when the payment on the short term bonds come due, the next president, sells the FRB more bonds, to print more money we don't have to continue the cycle. You don't have to be a financial genius to realize that eventually the payment on the bonds will come due and the FRB won't extend payment. Then we experience a recession and who ever is in office as president at that time gets hammered with the debt. Solution: Stop selling out our country by using bonds as security for printing money we don't have. Wow Josh, you are so confused about Islam. I studied Islam, the Koran, for a solid year in college three days a week. These are "NOT" misguided radicals that want to act out their violence on anyone. These radicals are acting "EXACTLY" as the Koran teaches. The principle of attacking all "Infidels," those individuals that do not adhere to Sharia law and Islam, is clearly stated in the Koran under the rules of waging Jihad. All followers of Islam are the "ENEMY" of the United States of America. All Americans who follow Islam will eventually have to make a choice, be faithful to Islam's call to convert all people on the planet or kill them, or to be faithful to their country, America. This is a fact, not an opinion. I talked with students during my class in college that were Muslim Americans and they stated that they simply ignore the radical ideas stated in the Koran and denounce the terrorists as extremists that don't represent the majority of peaceful Muslims in the world. I explained to them that the same philosophy applies to most Roman Catholics also. They looked at me bewildered. I explained that to be a true believing Roman Catholic you must believe that the Pope is infallible. This is a core belief in the RC church. Yet multi millions of Catholics go to mass every sunday and simply choose to ignore the belief that the Pope is infallible. The fact that they refuse to accept one of the key principles in their religion doesn't change the fact that the Pope is supposed to be viewed as GODS ACTUAL VOICE when he speaks. They just choose to ignore that one. The Muslims do the same thing with Islam. Local Muslim groups here in Arizona have publicly stated that they are reinterpreting the Koran's wording of "all infidels must convert or be killed." They are trying to soften the meaning to mean, "A person should convert" to Islam. They are pulling at straws to do anything that will allow them to continue to be Muslim, follow Islam, and remain Americans. In conclusion: we should always remember that this country was created based on Christian fundamentals. America is one of only a few countries in the world that allow any religion to practiced within its boarders. We should remember that all religions and religious practices are allowed in America as long as they coexist will all of us here and don't legislate and manipulate to impose their fundamentals on us. Go to any predominantly Islamic country and try to open a Christian church or practice openly and publicly your beliefs, Oh yeah, I forgot, you'll be killed on the streets by mobs if you do. I LOVE AMERICA!

If you look at history, in

If you look at history, in areas where Islam bordered other religious groups too big to conquer, Muslims took similar stances, and went about making sure they had more children than those they bordered. Once they had sufficient numbers to take control, that stance changed drastically. Look at Europe and unless we stop this now, we will suffer the same fate in 40-50 years or less.

Well informed, well written,

Well informed, well written, and factual.

I don't know much about

I don't know much about Islam, but I do know about Roman Catholicism and would like to clarify papal infallibility: The teaching is that the Pope is infallible when he teaches a doctrine on faith or morals to the universal Church--not that he is infallible in everything he says....

You seem to think Marxism and

You seem to think Marxism and Socialism is the same thing. It most certainly is not.

Lenin himself said it.

Lenin himself said it.

Marxism Vs. Socialism

Socialism most certainly is associated with Marxism. If you bother to read any of Karl Marx's literature you will discover he coined the term "socialism". You need to read more!

A Communist/Marxist is just a

A Communist/Marxist is just a socialist who is in a hurry

It most certainly is. Both

It most certainly is. Both center on the idea that the state can save you from yourself and the state (not God) is the supreme authority to which men must give account. Tragedy of the commons.

Marx was a teacher of

Marx was a teacher of're right.

No man is so blind as he who refuses to see

The Lt. General has likely seen a lot in his time and speaks from personal, first hand experience. Consider the canary in the mine. When the canary keels over, two types of people will be revealed - the kind who act and the kind who die. Slavery is worse than death and when our government takes from one by rule of law to give to another, no matter how deserving - this IS slavery. Don't take my word for it - consult better men, say, Thomas Payne, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Samuel Adams, Isaac Davis, and so many other great men of vision and foresight. The Lt. General counciled us to get up and get involved. Funny, that's exactly what John Adams asked us to do in his diary on April 20th, 1775. If u r not familiar with that date - attend an Appleseeds event. WWW.RWVA.ORG


Bravo!!! Good point. RWVA is a good org also.