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Marxism in America - Part II
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. (Jerry) Boykin
Saturday, February 11, 2012

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Lt. General Boykin

I would vote for General Boykin in a heartbeat if he would run for POTUS. His videos and presentations are inspirational and spot-on. We need more leaders like him who have the courage to tell it like it is.

What role did General Boykin play regarding Waco?

What role did General Boykin play regarding the federal government's action that took the life of multiple Christians in Waco, Texas in 1993--many of whom were children?

Thanks for stating it like it is General!

Thanks for your service to our Nation. As an American currently serving our Nation (29 years and counting), this is the most important confirmation I've heard lately. There are few Americans remaining that are willing to take a stand. I pray there are enough to stand with US as we continue to keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave, and one Nation under God. Let's not give up, let's not give in. We need to stand and fight to save OUR AMERICA! We are in serious trouble. The 47%...the freeloaders and liberals of our land will ruin it completely if we let them. Please stand with us to keep America the land we know and love. May God bless America!

marxism in america

I had a history teacher in college whom told us that he did not care if we learn anything else in his class except (fear you government) Now isn't that just great! I have always remembered that and now I see first hand what he was telling us. So sad for us in this country.

Lawmakers are ignorant

Gen: Thank you for your service as well as your continued service. I thought you might find it interesting to hear what my state rep said to me in reply to a question about our rights. I asked if she fully supported the concept of inalienable rights, given to us by God, NOT the government. Her reply was are you talking about illegal aliens? Note that she is a lawyer by education which in my mind is appalling that she could be so totally ignorant of a crucial component of our Republic. No doubt many other elected "representatives" are equally if not more ignorant about our rights. What is worse is that many simply do not care about our rights and have nothing but disdain for our Constitution.


All this is true. There is no difference between the Democratic or Republican parties. They all work to bring in this Marxist Agenda. Wake up America. They are coming after the guns now too. Don't believe a word the govt says. They are wolves in sheeps clothing.


Give them hell, general. Having served in the U. S. Army for 21 years I well know where you are comming from. If you were firing a weapon, you would easily qualify expert. I saw this comming back in the earley 60s while serving in West Germany. I have the utmost respect for our country but I do not agree with these liberals whom have elevated themselves to congress, senate, and above. I must tell you, I am extremly disapointed with our current administration. I am very happy not to feel required to call this president" Commander and Chief." Commander and thief is closer to the truth. MSG Ret.

Thank you from a grateful American

I salute you Lt. General Boykin for spreading the word. May God bless you and protect you from the evil that exists out there. I think you would find that every Veteran and every conservative civilian in this country would rise up with you and fight to the death to defend our Constitution and our beloved Country. We are locked and loaded and ready to charge. God will lead us in the fight. And we will be victorious. My husband is a Vietnam veteran who is disabled from two tours in Vietnam, but he is ready to do his part and join the fight. We are both prepared like never before and just await your call to duty. There are millions of us who stand with you. Thank you General Boykin for your courage and your sacrifice to protect the America we love. We stand with you.

America's next "COMMANDER IN CHIEF"

Thank you for enlightening all of America. Now I asked you ... Are you willing to make a difference? I have always believe that America's "COMMANDER IN CHIEF" should always be someone who have worn the Uniform and served honorably and faithfully. And lately I have been hearing it more often from many american citizens, including veterans from all wars. from the Korean War to the present. I like to make a motion to be nominate you to be a candidate as America's next "COMMANDER IN CHIEF". Who will 2nd the motion.


I would not hesitate to support Mr. Boykin to lead our Nation, I will second your nomination !

Commander in Chief

I 2nd

Dead on, Sir! Thank you!!

Anyone needing convincing might read the works of Emmanuel Kant - esp. "What Is Enlightment?" and "Fundamental Principles Of The Metaphysics Of Morals" (1784). The thrust is religious freedom & separation of church & state, AND of SMALL, WISE government BY, FOR and Of the People. All very similar to our Founding Fathers' principles. MOREOVER, these philosophies can be found all the way back through Seneca, Aristotle, and seem to have originated from Plato (some 2,500 years ago). Pretty good stuff!

Lt Gen J. Boykin remarks about conditions in USA

Sir: Gen Boykin, I am WWll Navy veteran, recently turned 90. I'd like to think that the Lord will have mercy upon us for our stupidity. I have been watching in awe as the people of my country have almost completely ignored what the would be Dictator in the current White House has and is doing to our lives through restrictions and regulations one on top of another, constantly! There has to be a leader out there who is in the position to find definite causes to seek the IMPEACHMENT of B. Obama! His USURPATION of power through Presidential Orders -- how many so far -- plus frequnt abuses of his office, to be enough to oust him from office before more damage occurs to our great society. Respectfully submitted Jerry Courtney 5 Feb '13


Thank you, Sir, for this much-needed instruction about the Anti-constitutional Marxcist takeover of our Nation. We must continue to push back, remembering that no war is won with only one or several battles. Sadly, this battle for our sovereignty and individual freedoms must be on-going and constant. We are duty-bound to push back the federal usurpation of our self-governance, educate our children with The Truth, educate ourselves as to how our Constitution protects us, if we would only uphold and defend it. Above all, we must speak out against those who deceive us by pledging allegiance to our Constitution, while, at the same time, dismantling it as we pay little attention. I am with you, my shoulder to yours, General. Semper fi, semper paratus, semper vigilio - and may God continue to bless our America!


General Boykin Sir, Amen.

Thannk You McCarth was right on Target

Read None Dare Call It A Conspiracy by Gary Allen, you can still find a copy on Amazon or free in PDF by a simple search. See also the book by The Diaries of Major George Racey Jordan both books will back one another up wonderfully. See also the Rockefeller file by Gary Allen. The Unseen Hand by Ralph Epperson. Dishonest Money by Joe Plummer. ultimately no matter how bad how corrupt and criminal our Government is, it will take a bottom up transformation of our country to change it. I pray for family revival and faith in Christ and heavenly father. There is noting more liberating that living for God and his principals. The true source of our freedom, liberty and justice.

ik had ook meegemaak de ellende van comunisme in Rotterdam

Dag Pastor Jerry Boykin, met Marcus Adopai, ik heb van uw message genoten, en ik ben het met u eens, want ik houd van Echte Praise & Worship van God, van wat Gods Vader Hard raakt, en niet van die comunisten donkere mensen het doen in Amerika en hier in Nederland van de Cultuureelle Revelutie van Karl Marx, dus daarom heb ik als een donkere jongen al deze Black Comumiste Gospel, Salsa, R&B, Rap Soul weggedaan in 2006 in Rotterdam, van af die tijd luister ik alleemaar naar b.v. Ruth Fazal, Robin Mark, en Ierse Praise & Worship.

Stand up

If you lead, we will follow sir.

your video is very

your video is very informative. I also want to thank you for your service to this Great Nation and I want you to know that I believe in what you are saying. People need to open their eyes and their minds to what is happening in this Country. Our freedoms are slowly being taken away from us. They current government is undermining this Countries by offering a line of hogwash of free medical, money ect, ect. to the minorities in this Country. I am going to send this to friends and family to see and try to wake them up as to what is happening. Thank you again and keep sharing the word ...................................

keep this up...people need to

keep this up...people need to hear it.

The Constitution

General Boykin: Sir: We served together in the 1970s as US Army Ranger Instructors. We attended Delta Selection the same time. We both (all of us) swore an oath to "uphold and defend the contitution against all enemies, foreign, and domestic". I, for one, have never resinded that oath. I regard the United States of America as an experiment of God. All races, all ethnic groups can come together and work to one set of standards as put forth under the Constitution. That United States Constitution is threatened by enemies, the greatest of which has proven to be from within. I, with many others stand ready to defend it. God Bless you, and God Bless the great United States of America. RLTW.

What are we doing about this?

So...Who out there is willing to die protecting the Constitution? I am, I took several oaths to do so joining the US Army and again in Law Enforcement. Folks, we are behind the ball...we don't have anything set up to prepare ourselves for defending our God given rights. This new Government under Obama is preparing. Only three percent of the population fought in the Revolutionary war...look at how it turned out.

My General

General, I have been preaching these things to people for some time and they look at me like I am an alien... It can't happen here, no way, you're crazy... Thank you for adding validity to the argument. I am a US Army veteran, two tours 82-88 and 91-97. I served at NTC in California in the 80's and as a reservist with the 82nd Div in the 90's. You have an avid follower.

Where can I contact the General to get Him to speak at our Churc

I have been preaching the exact same things the General is saying. God Bless you Sir. and I salute You

Bless you, General Boykin;

Bless you, General Boykin; General George Washington was a man much like yourself, as were The Founders. Most Americans (Heck, most people everywhere around the world!) when I was a lad, were just like you -- God-fearing, moral, righteous, honest, patriotic folks. Would that you were my father. I would gladly obey your order to charge the gates of Hell. Ooh-RAH! USMC -- Da Nang, 1968

The Obamanation

I can't believe that everyone in this country is not seeing what is going on. I am in udder shock when I see these people cheering, crying and looking on in awe as Obama speaks. Has anyone ever watched the history channel and seen what went on in Germany? It's happening here now. I personally have not sat and watched a complete speech. I just refuse to. We as a country have a last stand and it's this November. Never in my Life would I have thought that I would see the silencing of Christians. We simple can't afford to be silent anymore. God help U.S.

It is deja vu all over again

It is deja vu all over again for someone who used to live in Soviet Union, sad, sad , sad. America, weak up!

Learing More

It would seem that this is correct as I came up during the 60's also and have seen the change taking place in the U.S. over the past twenty years. The change has come fast and the media has fueled the move. Never have I seen so much return to the 60's thinking of just go along have a good time and everything will be fine. We are being led down the road a little at a time to failure of our country. God has to be put back into everything to include our schools. Will we wake up we sure hope Washington will wake up or else we are doomed or at least our children and grand children are if we continue as we are going now. This is my thoughts as I age and watch what is going on.

When the General Speaks many in SF LISTEN!

God Bless General your still serving your great country. You may not know but there are MANY of us who follow you and believe in you. You are an American Hero and a Leader of Men. Thank you General for all your still doing. We are here and we are awake.

Marxism in America

Dear General Boykin, thank you for raising that such important issue facing our nation. I am a Proud Citizen of this beautiful country, who came her in 1978 from behind "Iron Curtain". I lived through the Marxism in USSR for 27 years and I am sick of seeing this policies raising it's ugly heads here in USA. I am in full support of what you are doing and would gladly help you in any way possible.

May the Almighty bless you

May the Almighty bless you for what you are doing. Also thank you, for serving as a General for this country. My heart aches for what is happening to America; it was not easy for us to become US citizens and now those who do not love or appreciate it are tearing it down; but I have to remind myself daily that He is in control and He has the whole world in His Hands and His will be done. Praying for you and for America. RGSahhar


Thanks Jerry for your enthusiastic presentation on Marxism . You are truly an American who is trying to alert this sleeping giant people of the U.S.

Marxism in America - Part II

God Bless you and has blessed you. I have never heard a speaker who was more right on target. Every word you spoke scared me and gave me hope at the same time. It scared me that you are so right. It gave me hope that someone see's this and speaking out. Gary


I hear Gen. Boykin in Havelock last year, and it was good. This is the best presentation on this I have heard, and I have heard many of them. I am chairman of our tea party in Wayne County, Goldsboro, and I appreciate him.

The Truth shall make us free...

Dear General Boykin, I want to thank you for your service to our country, I know some of the sacrafices you have made as I am a disabled vet living in Hamilton, Ohio. I have heard a couple of your speaches online and believe that you are right on target in the content of your message to all americans, we need to wake up and smell the coffee now for only the truth will set us free from this delima the we have fallen into through the years since the great depression. I have a terminal lung disease and my fight for true freedom is in Gods Hands now,I pray that you are able to continue yours. May god bless and keep you in his care always and let your truth continue to set us all free. Sincerely, David G. Dawson

November Surprise....

Is the government preparing for civil unrest by amassing stockpiles of ammunition purchased through various government agencies such as the National Weather Service to complement purchases made through the Department of Homeland Security? A solicitation appearing on the FedBizOps website asks for delivery of 46,000 rounds of .40 S&W JHP to the National Weather Service in various locations on the East Coast along with a request for 500 paper targets. This follows a previous DHS purchase of 450 million rounds of .40 hollow point ammunition back in March. It should be noted that hollow point ammunition has been "illegal in international warfare since 1899." Apparently, its use is approved against the citizens of one's own country. Get the full story here and here. Either the government is preparing for massive civil unrest stemming from a possible economic collapse, or the Obama Administration is preparing its own version of a November surprise in the eventuality that the election doesn't go their way. Hey, they don't call the Obama Administration a bunch of Chicago street thugs for nothing. Read more:

"Get educated...Get involved!!"

This is an excellent "primer" to give us another basic foundation on which to build: our faith, our focus and our future!! Watch it, take notes and become the Warrior that your Jehovah calls you to be! God bless you.

Marxism in America - Part II

Definitely a word in due season. We must rise up in the spirit of 2 Chron 7:14 to save our nations.

marxism pt. 2

We need more people like you in North America. all the best

Marxism in America

General Boykin! Excellent lectures and I agree 100%. I am a retired commissioned officer, retired 38 years ago after 25 years of service. I am a patriot and 100% for America. Yes, I've seen big changes in our culture and erosion of morale values, etc. In 1955, during a conversation with a fellow officer about Communism, I predicted the possibility of a Communistic plant in America that would eventually rise to political power. I think I was 100% correct! Look at what we have in the White House. A person who was reared by a Socialist Mother for a few years, then passed off to Communistic grand-parents. You already know the info. I fear for America, not for my benefit, but my grand-children and their future. Keep up the good work, America needs more patriots like you. I still abide by my oath of office I took when I entered the military and again when I was commissioned. Being retired does not relieve me of my oath. Pity most politicians only give lip service to their oath of office. God Bless and keep you! Laus Deo Sincerely, Mack Easton

this site

I am totally awed with this site!! I will send it to all of my e-mail contacts! This is the information that ALL Americans so badly need to be informed of especially prior to November of 2012! I am so pleased that someone out there is willing to present this to us! God bless you!

Thanks.. very enlightening.

Thanks.. very enlightening.

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