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America in Crisis
Rick Joyner
Monday, June 6, 2011

In this episode of Prophetic Perspectives, Rick Joyner speaks about America as a country in crisis. He shares a dream in which the Lord showed him that our foundations are on fire. However, the Church can put out the fire by using the water of the Word and engaging in the crisis we are facing. Rick also shares about the promise the Lord gave him from Philippians 1:6 - "He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion".

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Rick Joyner spoke truth in -

Rick Joyner spoke truth in - We are about to lose things in this nation if the Church does not wake up and rise up - God makes a way and we need to walk in that way! We do need to be salt and light - to pray and be prepared in the coming days and use that opportunity to reach out to help others be prepared naturally and for eternity through Jesus Christ - There are some wise things that you should know in your preparation - if you want some practical tips for making more income and being prepared during these times of natural and economic storms you can email me at I hope that I can be a strength to my brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ that we might stand strong and united in these end times so see God glorified. God bless and keep you, Mrs. Wilder

Monday video

In recently thinking about how society changed from once honoring elders, police, etc, I wondered what caused that change. At the time I had thought about the scripture Rick mentions today about honoring fathers and also thought some about the behavior of people in Israel in the OT when they were rebelling against God. I know God spoke to Rick that a major gate of hell was through not honoring the fathers but I remembered how one of the curses Israel experienced in turning from God was children ruling over the people, Is 3:4-5, which is what it seems like in our society today; kids mocking kids who would generally show respect to their elders, and adults allowing their kids to behave that way, the kids directing the adults in how the kids will act and directing the adults in how they should even believe about life, how they should behave and dress. The parents seeming to love the kids' attitudes of rebellion. It is so prevalent just walk through any store. A horrible graphic example is how many adults even defended a school in Massachusetts wanting to give condoms to eleven year olds (and I think younger). The kids actions and attitudes ruling over the adults. I couldn't help wondering if our problems of not honoring the fathers began with the sin of the children or the fathers. Why did children seem to in one generation begin not honoring the fathers? Did it begin with the children?

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