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A Prophetic Perspective Defined
Rick Joyner
Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One of the most obvious evidences of the Spirit being poured out on man is when the young and old both prophesy. Rick exposes the distortion that media puts on basic facts and how we need a prophetic perspective to decipher the confusion. A prophetic perspective is essentially God's perspective.

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Prophetic Perspective September 17th

Very interesting. As soon as I hit the SAVE button on my previous comment the 9-17 session started up!!!

Prophetic Perspective September 17th

I have been unable to pull up the 9-17 Prophetic Perspective. I have been able to get all the others to pull up, but not this one. The circle just keeps going and nothing comes on. Just wondering if the problem is on my end or on the end of the web site. I am totally enjoying watching these. Thanks for coming back:). Blessings Arnetta Hodgman

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