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Rick Joyner Weighs in on the 2012 Presidential Election Results
Rick Joyner
Thursday, December 6, 2012

In today's espisode of Prophetic Perspectives Rick Joyner gives his reaction to the recent Presidential Elections.

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The election

The Lord revealed to me way back in June/July last year that the president will win the election. After the president lost the first debate, i called his campaign headquarters and told them what the Lord revealed to me. They didn't really believe because at this point, morale was low....they didn't know if it was possible for him to bounce back after such a disastrous performance. As we all know, he eventually went ahead to win the election. Some believers were sad, sickened, angry et al because he won. This shouldn't be. Our first priority must be to seek the enforcement of the will of God. God is the one working all things after the counsel of His will. Obama won, not because of his moral rectitude but simply because it is according to God's purpose. Let us therefore pray that God will work in him both to will and do His good pleasure.....


Obama just sent 200 M1A1 tanks and 20 F-16 fighter jets (as a gift) to Egypt. Egypt's leader is Muslim Brotherhood and admits hating America. Obama approved 770 million dollars this year for rebuilding Muslim mosques overseas. Obama approved releasing another 59 million dollars to Libya in foreign aid. Obama approved sending several billion dollars to Pakistan. Obama approved sending food to North Korea if they promise not to test any more missles. And just today, friends, Obama approved sending 14 million dollars in aid to the Syrian National coalition, which includes battalions of Nusra Front troops that fought against American soldiers in Iraq. In other words, Obama does not care that Americans are out of work and losing their homes, he is too busy giving aid and comfort to our enemies.


Without Christ, he's just a pond in the hand of the destroyer.

2012 Presidential Election Results

I am in 100% agreement with your accessment of this recent election - and your analysis thereof. I, like you and so many others, was in SHOCK. I KNEW - when the word came down - that this election had been stolen - taken from us. Upon retiring in the wee hours after the returns, I was quite disheartened and had a very restless sleep. Before even getting out of bed, I prayed: "Lord, please replace my heavy heart with peace and hope. I know you're in control of all things. Please give me your Word." Almost immediately, I jumped out of bed, greeted my dogs with a spirit of peace and joy. The Word that came to me as I prayed: Luke Chapter 3 Verse 17 "His winnowing fan is in his hand to clear his threshing floor and to gather the wheat into his barn, but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire."

Voter Fraud

Is it possible to have a voter referendum in each state ' to prove voter registration.". Is this a way the voters can make changes in our laws. and regulations? if we wait for the government to do it, it may not happen.


Thank you Rick for sharing the flush of spiritual encouragement that The Lord gave for you the day after the election. It is goo to remember that The Lord is fully in control (and as we're going over the fiscal cliff, it might be best to NOT be the one behind the wheel when we hit bottom, lest we get the blame). I have fervently prayed for sin and wickedness to be exposed in all levels and parties in government. Considering the dream that Bob Jones had regarding The Lord knocking Obama's top hat off (meaning that Obama is exposed). Do you feel that being exposed has more to do with his deeds being exposed or that Obama's exposed to danger? I will continue to pray that Obama have a Nebuchadnezzar moment where The Lord brings him humility and righteousness. But I will also pray that The Lord expose sin and wickedness in every office of government in the land and that the wicked have many Nathan the Prophet style exposures.

Personal comment about election

Infected machines, stolen elections, That's the same thing we said about Bush. Obama was chosen to win over Romney. We have said all kinds of things about one another instead of praying. If it was stolen God allowed it. When you visit the voting precincts you will see that most of the people who work the polling places know the majority of the voters because the same voters go to the same places every election. Well, whose wicked ways are we talking about? Ask God for the answers. One man does not run the government. If all these politicians say they love their country and citizens how come we are unable to work together, how come they are so disrespectful to this president, and they say that they love the Lord. The Word says "How can two walk together unless they agree". With all of our religious utterance (which causes division) we are more divided then ever. God is going have a unified body, not a body that is full of schism, rifts, disrespect, ungodly behavior, no prayer for those who have rule and authority over us, superior attitudes, asking people to pray for the death of our president, that his children be fatherless, what is this country coming to. We, who are the body members better get on our job of establishing God's government/kingdom here on earth. God does not care about conservative or liberal, He cares about oneness in Christ Jesus with harmony.......



2012 election discourse

Blessings to you. I felt physically ill over the results way back in 2008. This time in 2012, I was very saddened & amazed quite frankly. Then I felt Holy Spirit come over me and then leaving me with a smiling peace. Only way to describe it. Well, that's my 2 cents -- I am a Christian Canadian.

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