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Special Bulletin: The Boston Marathon Bombing
Rick Joyner
Thursday, April 25, 2013

    This clip about the Boston Marathon Bombing from Rick Joyner's message last Sunday (April 21, 2013) has created a lot of buzz, so we wanted to pass it directly on to you. A Prophetic Bulletin will soon follow.

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Thank you

Well said!!! Well said!!!


its time for the 'jonathan edwards' evangelists to take to the streets, the radio, the paper, the t.v., the market places...........til tears flow like a mighty river. 'til lambs become lions' and simultaneously............pray for israel to be blessed and protected. interesting that jack chick warned us long ago (1980's) about these very things, and they called his tracks .........unloving.


AMEN and AMEN!! Stubborn and as hard of heart as they might be it is no longer on your head brother! Speak the truth every time. May our Lord continue to bless you and give you every opportunity to speak and give them "ears" to hear what the Spirit is saying in this hour.

Thank You

Great, just in time message which must be heard by many not only there but also in other countries. I am Iranian and I am not living in USA, but I love USA and I have so many family members and friends there. I love Lord Jesus and his kingdom and I really pray for revival everywhere especially in USA. We are praying for God's protection around you, your family and other friends out there, continuity. Lots of Love


Just wanted to say thank you very much for speaking the truth. I am lucky to also have a great Pastor who speaks the truth at my Church, Valley Harvest. Our sermon today began with this video and went from there. We pray for men such as your self, and Pastor Rodney Lord, who stand for the truth. I know the Lord will watch over you.

Gods army are violent warriors! Keep on fighting! we win!

Thanks for being a mighty warrior Rick!!!! We are going to see the dread champions come forward ! I am confident the violent warriors are soon to come forward with the Lord of Hosts and His warring Angels! We are going to strike terror in the devils army! It won't be by any human manpower with bombs made in pressure cookers! It will be by Gods warring angels who will back us up to Gods army speaking the truth! Truth prevails!!! Whoa be to those who call evil good and call good evil ! We are about to see how terrible Gods army is ! hahahahahah halleluyia!!!!! God is in control and we win ! love you all at morning star!

Terrorist Hunt

Dear Brother Rick; I feel you , and say you have said well in speaking the truth. Our enemies are among us, and we have allowed many in that did not come in as enemies but became them as we have gone to war with their idealogies or the countries they were born in. We have many that use our good hearted Constitution, Christian vales, forgiveness, against us, by taking advantage of our Freedom of religion for instance. ( Muslims allowed to practice the worship of Allah ) ( Buddist to woship, Hindus to worship, all anti Christ spirits that will one day be vanquished. I am a Homeland Security Officer in a Major city, and Law Enforcement reacts to incidents in a strong way, but not strong enough in preventing them, because of lawsuits, and lawyers, liberal leaders , ACLU etc. Trust me we will go to any lenghts to find certain criminal individuals ( Terrorist ), shut a airport, shut a bus station,rental car agency, city, what ever it takes to keep the public safe, yes, out of fear that they would do more killing. I love you Brother, and as you have seen, the killers will get their just due by us law enforcement Officers, whether it takes 2 bullets or 10 million.

thank you for exposing the government (Obama Administration)

I have just found you, through family sharing information. I am thankful that there are Voices such as You, Glenn Beck, and Dr. Savage. Thank You for exposing the crimes of commission and omissions, committed by Obama Administration and Progressive Representatives, of both Parties in the ( Senate, Congress)

Wow...this is eye opening.

Wow...this is eye opening.

Thank You

I was sent this by a High School friend via facebook. I was going to ignore it. I am so glad I stopped and listened to this. Not only, I sent it on and posted it to google, etc. I can't thank you enough and God's richest blessings on you and yours. Sincerely, "elise"

Boston Terrorist Attack

The "higher eschelon" duped? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Incompetent? A resounding YES!! We ARE a Christian nation, contrary to what our president has said. Political correctness is choking America and we are seeing the results of it. I pray for you, Mr. Joyner that you will stand and then when you have done all you can do, to stand therefore.


Thank You !! Thank You Pastor Rick for having the boldness and love to share this message to the Church and to all Americans. I have been praying that God would raise up more people like yourself to " Sound The Alarm" and to speak the truth with the facts. We are so tired of the many that we have elected that have cowered down or have their own agenda other than to protect and serve our country according to the Constitution and our moral and biblical values. We will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers.. God Bless. Michael & Julia- Atlanta, GA P.s Please continue to inform us and don't hold back..

We have the Oath Keepers that

We have the Oath Keepers that have all vowed to keep thier oath to protect americans. we should be praying for them.

Thank you for telling the

Thank you for telling the TRUTH. It's time for people to rise up and demand answers and accountability. It's time for Christians to stand up, or it soon will be too late and will no longer be an option. God bless you for all you do for His Kingdom, Rick. You are a mighty warrior in the Army of the Lord. Thank you for being a leader in this critical time.


Thank you for telling the truth, God bless you and your love ones.

Thank you Rick for speaking

Thank you Rick for speaking out truth.

Boston Marathon Bombing

Thank you Pastor Joyner for the informative intelligence report on the recent Boston bombing. Sadly, this kind of reporting would never make it to the mainstream media, or there would be an even greater outcry as these revelations came to light. The righteous anger in your reporting is evident and shared my many. If my wife, child, or grandchild had been in the cross-hairs of these terrorists, I would not rest until every last one was brought to justice, nor would I rest until I knew where every last one was hiding! And how sad, the same government that is sworn to protect it citizens, has become an enemy of it's own citizens. Truly an age where evil is looked upon as good, and good as evil. God bless you, and all those who tear down political correctness with the spotlight of God's Word.

You speak the truth in love

Thank you for speaking truth. God bless you and protect you.

Rick Joyner's message on Boston

A very insightful and powerful message that all Americans need to hear. Thank you for sharing.

Boston Marathon Bombing

Thank you Rick for your undying love of this nation. Thank you for your courage. Are any of us surprised seeing that the President is a Muslim? If he wasn't, why does he and his admin continually and emphatically protect them (although not all Muslims are violent). Yes, check the records. Corruption lies everywhere in our government and we feel hopeless to change anything as long as this admin runs the country. Rick, you have and continue to be our father in the faith. Thank you. We trust your integrity.

Boston Marathon Bombing

I want to say too, thank you Rick, and I pray the Lord guard and protect you and yours. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord, all of us and this country!

Isaiah 9: 9-10

We the USA are repiting word by word what Isrial did in there time. This cuntrey was founded as Isrial was under God. We have failed to head the worning of Isaiah. The brother hood will take over this cuntrey just as it was takien from Isrial. News clipings and new brodcasts depict the veary words of Isiah. We the people need to head this. Repent and return to the Lord If we do not lurn from the past.*** God Gave Us The Bible so We do not have to repet the same Sis as thay had. Repent Mr Presendent Repent Congress Repent Proplr of the United Ststes We Need to Repent and Turn Back to the Lord or suffer as we never have suffered befor REPENT! I pray to You God Please turn our harts from darkness back to light, Brake all idials we have in selfgradification selfishness, prodness, hoddiness,worshers of our self, LORD I repent of all my ways and help others to do th same Holy Spiret Change the harts of men convect us to change. Lord Iove you and I know you Love us all so I ask this and For your Quick return all glory to you Lord Prase you Lord Holy of Holy. I ask this through Jesus your son who you sent because you Love us first Through Him Jesus Amen.


Thanks for giving that sermon!I wish we had a watchman in our country who is clear about what he says and courageous like yourself! I should pray for one or many.God bless you ,your family and the Body of Christ in USA.

God bless you Pastor Rick and

God bless you Pastor Rick and thank you for being a faithful watchman and thank you for sounding the alarm....remembering your previous prophecies regarding the east coast and what will come.

Boston Marathon Bombing

Keep speaking the truth in love Brother Joyner!!! We are called by our King to OCCUPY until He comes!!! We are to be the ones that stand for truth!!! I'm from Massachusetts; I believe in END TIME I am on that list too....I don't care because MY NAME IS WRITTEN IN THE LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE!!! I will stand for Jesus Christ....and The Kingdom of God!!! Boston is under attack because many here in our state, have been crying out in repentance, and we've been marching and evangelizing in Boston Iand throughout our State!!!! We declare that Jesus Christ is LORD of Boston and Massachusetts!!! Should this government come and arrest you and others....we will do as the early Christians did when Paul was arrested....THEY GOT BOLDER!!! ALL GLORY LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Rick Joyner's 4-21-13 sermon on Boston bombings

As one of the few well informed Christians in America, I can honestly say your message was 100% right on and accurate. As one culture warrior to another, I applaud your understanding as a pastor and shepherd your responsibility to be a leader to inform your congregation on critical family and biblical issues and provoke them to be engaged in our political system that their voices are heard and their votes are counted. We the people need spiritual leaders like you that are more concerned about offending God than someone sitting in a pew. We need leaders that will unite the voices and votes of what I refer to as the values voters, which is an overwhelmingly majority that can get this country back on a track of righteousness and patriotic pride. We have the numbers, finances, communication networks, and even a host of Godly legal eagles ready to defend pastors and churches against frivolous law suits. What we don't have are enough bold spiritual leaders, especially at the higher levels. My website is all about fight the culture war. You should check it out, especially the presentation "All Hands on Deck". Please do continue standing tall for God and country. Bob Barbabella Administrator Standing Tall Ministries 805-304-5299


The Mayor of BOSTON said on the news that the two brothers were acting on their own, this is the same Mayor who gave public land away and built a mosque for these two men to go to in this once great city, Wake UP AMERICA. The incompetence of our local,state, and federal government is breaking God.s heart, Benjamin Franklin said" this country will either be run by God or by tyrants". May God have mercy.

American traitors

I agree with you 100%, Brother Joyner. It's time we came to realize that Jesus is not coming back on a rocky-bye horsie with a milk bottle in one hand and a feather pillow in the other one, The Lion of Judah is ready to roar over the whole earth and take control of it, in spite of all the peace-loving talk going on. Read Lk. 19:27 if you don't believe we are where we are now. Many of us "gotcherback", Bro.!


to me it is incredible that having such important offices like fbi or cia, no one was able to detect the boston problem. far beyond of these kind of issues, north americanse must go back to God and pray for help, i understand that nowadays there are more and more christians raising their voices to Jesus for help, meanwhile the nation is paying for bad and wrong ways of leading the country. why should they have to worry if Jesus has everything in his hands. Our lifes! lets pray that the government open eyes to see the real need... no weapons, no wars, but Grace in Jesus. He is the only way. He is the only one who can really help us in all of these matters. God Bless you all. we in Mexico pray for you to be covered and protected in the hands of the Lord.

Concerning Your Position Concerning The Boston Bombing

Rick> Just a note to let you know that I take my hat off to you concerning your position on the Boston Bombings. I applaud you for telling the truth no matter what the consequences. If they come after you, they will have to come after a lot of us. Thank you for defending liberty and justice of all. Blessings Live Long, Love Deeply & Finish Strong; Blake Higginbotham

The Boston Marathon Bombing

Rick, Thank you for telling us the truth. We will keep praying for you.. I see an apostle of Paul Spirit upon you.. God bless you, Caren

No Surprise

Very enlightening. Add all Lt Col. Allen West's Youtube videos, and you have the WHOLE truth, which is lacking in Washington. The object I believe with Obama, is he is promoting Islam, while saying arrogantly, "We are no longer a Christian nation." We had better start preaching the truth in the pulpits and repenting as a nation, or we will lose America, for God's hand of protection is nearly off of us now as a nation! My homepage website is "My Hope for America Under God"...UNDER a CHRISTIAN NATION as our Founding Fathers intended!

The Boston Marathon Bombing

This was spot on. It is up to the Prophets to sound the alarm. You have my prayers and my blessings Prophet Rick Joyner.

The terrorists have succeeded

The terrorists have succeeded in infiltrating the defense department and alter the policy to their advantage. It is late now, if not too late because they have been working on this for quite long while the people were in slumber. I think the terrorists are now ahead and it will only take grace and mercy of God to catch up with them. God help us.

The Boston Marathon Bombing message

Rick, you are a man of courage, I'm praying for you. It's like we are all putting our heads in the sand and I have been praying for leaders to speak with courage and authority. Thank you for serving the Lord in faith. Jane (I am in Switzerland)

God Bless you for having the

God Bless you for having the courage to say what so many of us are thinking. I continue to pray for our leaders, our country to turn their hearts and minds back to God. I also keep you and all God's warriors like you who are speaking out, because many think we are just NUTS!! Thank you so much for your example of faith in even the most challenging of times.

thank you

I just want to thank you Rick. We have been talking about moving abroad lately because it looks so hopeless here in the U.S. Unlike you, we lean towards the more than 49% thinking that these things happening are treasonous and intentional. I grew up in a military family and patriotism was our way of life. I still love this country but I loose hope sometimes for her return to the constitution and all things good. I said to my husband after watching this, "we can't leave the U.S. can we?" and he said, "no, we have to stay and fight". thank you for being one who encourages and rallies. Keep it up and we will keep praying with and for you.

Home truth

Dear Rick i am in Australia boulder Wa may i say i thankyou for speaking out on this subject for the same happening over here ,yes we do need to stand for the truth God Bless David Burge.


Thank God for Rick Joyner, who's not afraid to tell the truth. The enemy tries to destroy America - the base for last day's Church. We pray for peace and protection for USA.

Boston Marathon bombing

praise God for the courage of Rick Joyner and others who expose the truth. may our Heavenly Father direct many to hear, listen and pay attention

Special Bulletin: Boston Marathon Bombing!

Rick, I want to thank you for taking a stand. I for one have heard your cry and will be praying for you and all the other leaders of this soon to become an American Reverloution. Blessings to you and your familyYï

look again

Once again, as in the days of Patrick Henry, we hear the chains clanking on the plains of Boston.

about your message The Boston Marathon Bombing

Dear Rick I do love America and I do pray for this Land What you have say is thruth, I do have the same filling that it is just a bigining just to improuve the country to see the weekness of this country Please pray that they might discover more of this terrorist in this Land pray that manny come to Jesus We love you

Posted to

Well Said!

I thank God for preparing

I thank God for preparing and raising you up as an Apostle and Prophet. All this would be frightening if we did not know our God reigns. I think a lot of God's people have known from the start something is rotten in Denmark (as the old saying goes). One would have to blind not to see deliberate destructive decisions, policies and actions to destroy this nation for the last going on five years. I will be interceding for you, your family and ministry. Your courage inspires me and I am glad that the angels of the Lord encamps round about them that fear Him. You are a threat to our government officials, and you know that better than I do. God has specially chosen and ordained you. No actual evil can touch you! I pray God will spread your books, website and messages and they will cover this nation and all the sheep nations. I am not an articulate person, but I do want you to know I greatly respect you and your ministry, I am coming to your conference May 9th, " 50 + Joshua Generation" -- I am looking forward to it very much. I am way on the plus side, I will be 81 May 21. I am one of the remnant and I want my Mountain! May God continue to bless you abundantly above all you can ask or think. In Him, Daphne

Terrorist attack in Boston

Thank you Pastor Joyner for speaking the truth about what is going on in our government from the pulpit. This took courage and I know The Lord led you to do so. I pray more pastors across this nation will do the same! We as Christians must not fall prey to political correctness. I pray for a hedge of protection around you, your family, and your congregation. Thank you again for your obedience to speak the truth and stand up for righteousness. Blessings, Susan Roesser

Boston Bombing

I agree with everything that was in your message and I do believe that there will be greater distruction than we have seen. This nation needs to turn back to God if we want protection,

Boston Marathon Messsage

We are standing with you Rick for our Republic. Thanks for speaking the truth. We will do our part standing for the truth. We will cover you and your family in prayer. Peace and Grace to you, David

Boston marathon bombing

Right on! We are with you. It's time for Christians to take a stand! It's time for us to vote properly, to vote for righteousness and to lift up our voices against evil in this nation.

thank you for standing up

Thank you for exposing the truth to the Church.

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