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The Church Must Rise Up
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. (Jerry) Boykin
Monday, January 17, 2011
In this video from the recent New Year’s Conference, General Boykin discusses how the onslaught of political correctness has polluted the atmosphere of our country. General Boykin speaks about how the church has been passive for too long, and challenges believers to rise up and meet the challenge of turning the tide.

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The church must rise

I appreciate this and other related messages. Few dare to speak along these lines. Living in Sweden and following the secularisation of Europe for years, I´ve recently been prophetically awakeand, concerning the situation. The church has not been seeing what has happened. We are in deep trouble! The enemy has been invading Europe and is taking over more and more. Recently I saw some videoclips about Islams growing influence in Britain, especially in London. As I watch it I belive the Holy Spirit spoke to me the following words. " I sent you a Prophet a ( Deut. 18:15,18. ) thousand years ago, which you received, and I Saved you from the darkest hedonism and blessed you for a thousand years. But the last 60 / 70 years you have rejected this Prophet. Now therefore another false Prophet, is invading your country and the European continent." The good news is, God is gathering his Prophets to encourage each other, the majority are juniors but the Lord is also sending us some seniors to inspire us. Prophesy´s, visions and dreams are becoming more common. Many of those being used have been through deserts, balance and soundness goes along with an increasing anointing. I personally appreciate your ministry very much and follow you in my prayers.

To every thing there is a season

It is great that Christians are hearing the call once again to defend Liberty. What concerns me is if the government takes away all our God-given liberties as they have clearly been doing little by little, what then? When they have taken away our right to vote, then they take away our guns, it will be too late to do anything and we will become slaves. So yes, pray for peace, work for peace, and use every lawful tool we have to peacefully reclaim America from corrupt, self-serving politicians and restore our Constitutional Republic. But if that fails, what then? Read "Constitutional Homeland Security" by Edwin Vieira, Jr. for what must be done. Desiderat pacem, preparat bellum.

Really enjoyed this video.

Really enjoyed this video. So encouraging to hear someone share so deeply encouraging the church to rise up! Much needed in these days! Thank you.

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