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America Needs True Leadership
Rick Joyner
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. (Jerry) Boykin
Monday, November 1, 2010
In this episode of Prophetic Perspectives on Current Events, Rick Joyner opens with a weighted invitation to the upcoming OAK Institute Leadership Seminar. America is in a state of crises, and our ship is quickly sinking. However, God is raising up an army of leaders who will turn the tide and take back everything that we have lost. Our call to action is now. Rick and Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin then follow with a serious discussion of the church as an army, as General Boykin relates his military history and experiences to the church, and how we must first be true followers before we can be leaders. We cannot solve the world’s issues in a secular way; rather, we must lead and motivate by example and the demonstration of our faith. Lastly, Rick and General Boykin proclaim that there can be no cowards in Christianity. Our God is a martial God, and we must run toward the battle in order to have victory. Above all, we cannot fight to boost our egos or for earthly glory. We must run to the guns and face our enemies head on.

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leadership for Jesus

I'm anxious to hear more.

My role in God's army?

I am a 61 year old gramma. I lost my business and home two years ago due to the economy. The Lord has taken care of me in a very special way, putting me in the spare room in my elderly father's home, and allowing me to care for his needs, and preventing the necessity for him to go to a nursing home. As I have been watching our wonderful country slowly crumbling for the last 20 years, I have often prayed for guidance on how I could fight against the degeneration of our world. I have long felt that, among other things, one of the greatest tragedies has been the systematic development of our dependence on government programs, including social security and medicare and much other, rather than following God's commands to "honor our father and mother", and care for one another in the church and community. I have spent the last two years very active in various patriotic groups, with the aim to "take back our country" with political methods, and am discovering that things are way past the point where we can fix America... We truly are at the mercy of God. But then we always have been and mostly didnt recognize that. After listening to your talk this morning, I believe that God is speaking to me, as a private in His army, to stand at my post, do the best job I can do, caring for my father, and reaching out in love to my neighbors and the body of Christ that is in my sphere. Perhaps if enough of us pick up these kinds of responsibilities, then others will be mentored in HIS way, If we remain humble, as we in essence, run to the gun in our daily lives, obeying the commands and guidance of our Father, then we will find ourselves no longer looking toward Government of men for the security and sustainence that we should be seeking from HIM. In HIS word, HE has truly given us a guide-book on exactly HOW to live our everyday lives, and HOW to get HIS guidance for our steps. All we have to do is read it and apply it. Relying on HIM and not on man or man's government. From healthy dietary guidelines, and medical protocal, to cleanliness and dealing with "mold in your house", Everything we need to live is there... in the book. Even how to set up our communities in an orderly manner. THANK YOU LORD, for all your detailed guidance,as well as your forgiveness, redemption and liberty that Christ bought us.

execellent commentary about

execellent commentary about the economy please help me to contact alisha the missionary from morning star, thank you and god bless you .


Mr. Joyner and Mr. Boykin; Today marked a milestone in my life. Today, I first viewed your videos and learned from you what God would have me to learn; that which I would not have gotten from any other source. To all things there is a season. My dearest friend's husband sent me your link. I have felt the Holy Spirit and the wisdom of God at work here today. You speak of discipleship. You speak of leaders. You are speaking of the main elusive issues of my life: "What is God preparing me for? For surely, I am being turned by the hand of God to face my preparation for my calling in life." God is not required to send me a letter divulging this information. But I am required to seek it out. How blessed I am to have been led to your combined wisdom! My sincere thanks and appreciation for sharing what God has filled you with "at His appointed time". I am no General. I am no Corporal, or Colonel in America's military. I am a 56 year old Honors Student at Kaplan University, and that alone fills me with wonder in the very way that came to be two years ago. Obedience. Service. Committment. Faithfulness. All good things that you both speak of fill me with excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. All warnings of the evil gestating in our world and in our country but confirm that which has already been in my sight-and that which I have addressed-even in a secular school. Thank you both. Thank you, and God Bless You both! I will watch your videos (all of them) until I have committed them to memory. God's Love; Deborah Stewart

I'm interested in going to hear you and some of your guests.

My daughter and i want to go down to stay on your location to take in some of your speakers.What do you have going on around the first week of Dec this year.Would you send me information on your accomadations and information on your guests for the 1st three weeks od Dec. I have been an elder for over 28 years and my daughter and I are always hungry for what the Spirit is doing throughout the world.I'm ready for more !!!! Please send information as soon as possible so we can make plans.


The greatest prayer I prayed, after receiving Jesus, was for Him to help me witness - because I was afraid. Since then, I have had a fantastic time and He is refining me into His likeness in the process. There is something to be said for walking about the land with Him. HIS yoke is indeed easy. Not one person I've had the privilege of leading to Him has been a chore. Quite the contrary ! Jesus seems to delight in leading me to people and it's fun - and I'm not an evangelist where His grace is concerned. That is as simple a statement as I can make. HE loves to be a river ! Bless you MSM.

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