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Changing Society with the Kingdom of God
Lance Wallnau
Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In this episode of Prophetic Perspectives, we join Dave Yarnes and special guest, Dr. Lance Wallnau. Dr. Wallnau is an international prophetic teacher and is CEO of The Lance Learning Group. He has spent a lifetime of research in the field of organizational and personal transformation. Today Lance teaches on his popular series, “The 7 Mountain Mandate”. As Christians, it is our mandate to influence the systems of this world with the Kingdom of God. Although the Church is an important “mountain”itself, we must also go to the “mountains” of media, government, business, etc, bringing the influence of the Kingdom. Jesus tells us to go into all the world. This will require us to move in morality, educating society on values before we try to evangelize. People of faith can change the culture of a nation.

*Previously aired on November 23, 2011

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Todays message with Lance was

Todays message with Lance was so right on time. Thanks Morningstar!

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