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Guns and the Newtown Tragedy
Rick Joyner
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In this episode of Prophetic Perspectives, Rick Joyner touches on several important current events and issues, including the December 2012 Newtown, Connecticut shootings. He also speaks about warnings that have been received regarding a second American Revolution that would kick off when the government started to take away guns from the people. As these two topics are related Rick gives insight into the current state of the nation as well as how Christians can help prevent other tragedies from taking place by raising our level of discernment and authority over the enemy and the evil spirits we encounter.

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Wow as Rick was talking about spiritual principalities & demons being cast out and displaced and returning if the void isn't filled by things of God, the Lord dropped into my spirit that the spiritual principality that was over Nazi Germany was displaced when the leaders over there were removed from power, committed suicide, or hung for their crimes. That principality had to find a new place and chose America because we were the leader in removing that power from Germany. Over the years this principality has worked on America just as it did to Germany. We are now in the fruition of that working on the lack of properly teaching our children about right relationship with the One True Living God.

unhealed wounds from the civil war

I've felt for some time that there has been a substantial unhealed wound (perhaps of demonic origin) in America as a result of the civil war. In contrast to William Wilberforce bringing about the peaceful ending of slavery in Britain, the US civil war was very bloody (600,000 dead), leaving much bitterness of death in whites which seems to have manifested itself in the rise of the KKK, black codes and Jim Crow laws in the white population and a hatred and / or mistrust of whites in the black community leading to highly lopsided rates of black on white crime that we see today. You mentioned a 2nd revolutionary war but I am very concerned about a racial war. Has The Lord given you any insight into this? Thank you, Paul

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