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Who Are the Knights of Malta?
Rick Joyner
Monday, October 15, 2012

This week on Prophetic Perspectives Rick Joyner will be speaking about the Knights of Malta. He will be teaching on their historic exploits as well as their modern day role in the body of Christ. Rick will also be speaking about other courageous men of faith that have transformed nations for Christ such as Colonel Eugene Byrd, a WWII US commander who was instrumental in the re-building and restoration of Berlin, Germany after the war.

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subtitles or dubbing for Protuguês

The peace of the Lord, am the son of this spiritual ministry, the ministry accompany a long time, using the google translator. A device that is translated into several languages ​​possilvel if it was possible with Morris Cerull 1980. Today you have to think about my beloved. The desire to know what the prophet Rick Joiner talking about ..... I've read all the books published in Brazil. A paz do Senhor, Sou filho espiritual deste ministerio, acompanho o ministerio a muito tempo, usando o tradutor google. Um aparelho que traduza em varios idiomas é possilvel; se era possível com Morris Cerull 1980. Hoje vocês tem que pensar nisso meus amados. A como desejo saber o que O profeta Rick joiner esta falando..... já li todos os livros publicados no brasil.

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